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What is Wind Energy? 7 Things You Need to Know

The search for alternative energy sources is a search everyone should take into account. The world currently depends on burning oil to create electricity, and many are even using the deadly fossil sources to keep their homes lighted.

Because of this high dependence to carbon emitting energy sources, Earth is becoming sicker and sicker.

To break the cycle of calamitous events, there should be a common effort from everyone to prioritize alternative energy sources and consider the other fossil sources as the last resort.

One of the newest alternatives used today is the harnessing of the power of the wind. Many engineers and physicists are already thinking of gadgets and other inventions that can use this renewable energy source. If you are interested in this alternative source, you should understand fully the following 7 things about wind power.

1. To create the most electricity from this source, you need to research on the best locations possible. One of the 7 things about wind power is its dependence in the location. Not every place in the world has enough win speeds to support the creation of energy from wind. In that case, further researches are necessary for the success of wind power.

2. Wind power is a renewable source of energy. The term renewable suggests that harnessing the power of the wind will always produce energy for the humankind, and its effectiveness does not need refueling. Unlike your fossil sources, wind power is unlimited. In that case, relying on wind power is a wise advocacy.

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3. There is a minimum wind speed needed to generate electricity from the wind. This number actually dictates the location of where windmills should be constructed.

4. Wind vanes work this way: a rotor is placed in the center of the blades of the mill, and as the blades rotate, the rotor rotates. Enough speed will increase the speed of rotation, and will then produce electric impulses. Those impulses are passed into a reservoir for storage. Afterwards the processed electrical impulses are directed into houses.

5. Storms can also create energy. As storms pass by the wind vanes, the wind it brings will help the blades turn faster and faster. This is the very reason why most of the wind vanes are located in places were storms hit the most.

6. The energy created in this manner is very limited. Due to the amount of wind needed to move the blades, some days might produce little or no electricity at all. In that case, wind energy may not be a full blown energy alternative. It would still need other sources to provide electricity for a small city.

7. Inventions to harness wind power are not yet devised to make the most out of it. In fact, engineers are still looking for wind vane designs that will create the maximum energy produce.

By understanding the 7 things about wind power that are listed here, you should now have a greater understanding of this alternative. It should also help you appreciate more the ingenuity required to power this idea.

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