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Small Scale Wind Turbines

When the term wind turbine is mentioned, what immediately comes to mind are the large wind turbines which can be usually seen in National Geographic or Discovery Channel.

What is unknown to the layman is that it is actually possible to build a wind turbine which is just enough to power a particular household appliance or the entire household.

Yes, you do not necessarily need to have large wind turbines just so you could harness wind power. When it comes to harnessing renewable energy such as the wind, large isn’t always the best. As a matter of fact, you can choose to build small scale wind turbines.

When we speak of small scale wind turbines, it simply refers to that equipment used to tap and convert wind energy into useful electricity but only in small quantities as opposed to those which are produced by huge turbines.

The electricity produced by these small scale wind turbines is just enough to power a certain device or in some cases, it may be adequate to supply electricity to the whole house. These small scale wind turbines should not be confused with those wind turbines which can be seen in the wind farms.

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Small scale wind turbines for residential use are estimated to have a diameter of seven to twenty five feet and can generally have an output of electricity ranging from three hundred to one thousand watts under a certain wind speed. To address mobility issues and sensitivity to wind speed, some small scale wind turbines are made from light materials. 

Moreover, a typical wind turbine has two major parts- the wind turbine itself and the tower. When it comes to the wind turbine, there following are the major components: blades, hub, generator, diode, wires and the tail. For the tower, it has a base, pole and the wires.

Finally, with all these information about wind turbines, particularly, for small scale energy production, certainly, these could provide you with information that will enable you to decide whether or not in the near future you should consider the possibility of having a wind turbine for you house, even with just a small unit.

You have to remember that the trend these days is the use of clean and green energy. And the use of facilities like the wind turbine is one of the ways by which you are able to use clean energy without necessarily sacrificing the quality of energy.

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