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Searching For Wind Turbine Price?

You’ve made up your mind to buy a wind turbine, but are not sure of the price? Fret not because a lot of people are not acquainted with wind turbines in the first place. 

So, what is a wind turbine? Wind turbines are basically rotary engines that convert kinetic energy in wind to mechanical energy that powers a generator to produce electricity.

These engines are purely driven by wind, hence their name. The mechanical energy converted by a wind turbine is not always converted to electricity - in fact, only wind generators or wind chargers produce electricity from mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used to drive some type of machinery, such as a water pump, or a machine that grinds grain, then the engine is called a wind pump or windmill.

Many people, especially in remote areas, have adopted wind energy for powering some day-to-day domestic needs, so generally these will be small scale wind turbines installed at individual homes.

In areas where there’s reasonable amount of wind, it can prove cheap, given the costs of using grid-supplied power in hard-to reach remote areas. A big majority of farmers in rural areas use wind turbines to pump water for their farms, and for powering granaries - which was the practical use of wind turbines originally. 

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As we have seen, wind turbines have various uses, and therefore come in different sizes, hence price. For generating electricity, horizontal turbines were the most commonly used type, but vertical axis turbines are much in plenty now.

As you would expect, smaller turbines are used for small applications, like auxiliary power on sailing boats, and battery charging. On the other hand, large grid-connected turbines are widely used on a large scale for producing large amounts of electric power for commercial use.

The cost of commercial or diy wind turbines depends on a number of inter-related factors. For one, the average wind speed of your area is the single most important factor when considering a wind turbine, because it determines the size of turbine output you can install (turbine rating).

Also, energy estimates of a turbine for a year (availed by manufacturer) will determine the final cost of the turbine. Then generally, your power needs and requirements will also play a part in determining the type of turbine you’ll finally buy.

Also, there are factors dependent on the manufacturer that may come into play, as far as final price is concerned - things like warranty, after sales service, maintenance agreements, among others. Although wind electric energy is not a very complex process, you would still be at an advantage when you buy from a reputable manufacturer (most companies dealing in wind power technology are quite competent).  

All these factors will not necessarily give you a definite price for a wind turbine, but you’ll get good insight on price ranges. The internet is another good source of information regarding turbine prices, and there are resources that you can use to compare pries of various turbines. Ensure that you read as many user reviews as possible before you finally go out and purchase a wind turbine.

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