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How to Set Up a Home Wind Power Kit

Perhaps the first thing you should consider is the site you have and where you can locate your wind power generator.

Consult with planning authorities about things such as height restrictions, distance away from other structures and your home, and any building permits that you may need.

Modern wind power generation systems are made of lightweight materials that do away for large towers and some can be added to the roof of your house.

The blades of wood and fiber material produce a lot less noise and vibration than the older metal ones, and will work in average winds of less than 10mph.

You will need to check on prevailing wind directions and if in a sheltered area it is a good idea to invest in a wind speed recorder for a period of six months to get an accurate measurement of the local conditions.

If you are near the coast or at the top of a hill there is a 90% chance you will have more than enough regular wind to meet your demands. Next look at the energy demand of your household to determine what is the best kit for you.

You may decide that you want back up power in the case of irregular supply from your utility company or need the maximum size to make you totally independent. Most of the reliable suppliers of kits will help you assess your needs and assist with the design to fit them.

Essentially there are three options when it comes to installation.

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1) Install a wind turbine kit yourself from the many available online

2) Buy a prebuilt system

3) Get a trained professional to assemble the kit for you.

Most kits are simple though and contain a shaft, tower, generator and the blades.

No need for complicated wiring or storage systems for excess production as the electricity generated is used, as it is produced with the possibility of any surplus going to your utility company for credit. In a sense you are a small energy supplier, using a renewable and non polluting energy source connected to the grid!

The above demonstrates two of the main reasons for installing such a kit in the first place.

This energy is environmentally friendly and will limit the carbon footprint of your family and you will save money! Of course being less dependent on your supply company is a bonus, particularly if you live in an area that is potentially affected by storms or other blackout events.

Staggeringly only 2% of this country's homes have either solar or wind power generation and this could be because there has been little available on the advances made in technology for these systems.

Making a home wind power generator is not something just for the hobbyist, but a very serious alternative for every home to consider. Look for companies that can offer solid warranties, back up advice on maintenance and have a proven track record in these areas.

There are a number of products available that teach you how to make wind power kits, and best of all you can have your new system running in a matter of days if not less because of the instant download element of these products.

It will save you money and pay itself off in a short period. This will vary according to your energy needs and the size of installation you choose.

Check out the easy and inexpensive to build guide that you can use to set your home up on wind power now:

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So make sure you get it right!