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Estimating Wind Energy Isn’t a Child’s Play

The world is going through tough times both economically and environmentally. The recent rise of emissions contributing to Global Warming has grabbed everybody’s attention especially that of developed nations.

One of the attempts to save the planet is to create energy using renewable sources and wind energy leads the pack. In wind energy, wind is used to produce mechanical electricity.

Wind energy is produced with the help of wind turbines which keep rotating and convert the kinetic energy into mechanical energy resulting in the production of power – all this with the help of wind.

Now, in terms of investment, this is considered huge and therefore many companies have received commissioned grants by the local and federal governments to produce wind energy. However, what everybody wants to know is how are the numbers derived, how much useful this is and how to estimate wind energy.

Wind energy is calculated in kilowatt hours. When estimating wind energy is the question then there are equally important and other relevant questions like how much does a wind turbine produce, what should be the size of turbine, etc. A lot depends on the wind turbines because wind turbines are built to meet different wind speeds.

Estimating wind energy is usually tough because wind energy is the most volatile and uncertain source of energy. Light winds won’t move the turbines and therefore won’t produce any power. Strong winds help the cause and calculation becomes feasible.

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Blade motor diameter plays the next big role after the speed of wind. The actual speed of the wind and the amount of wind that can stick to the mill blades give a certain amount of picture. One needs to run the numbers of wind speed against the power (in watts) in order to estimate wind energy.

The shortest way for estimating wind energy is to take average wind speed and average power to rotor diameter. If there are no winds or slow winds then nothing gets captured and the information will not be valid.

Wind energy is produced and stored in batteries and then passed onto different mediums. Ironically, this also causes the loss of energy. Experts believe that almost twenty percent of the energy produced is wasted this way but fact remains that the producers do not have a choice.

It may be easier to estimate wind energy in an area that is wide open than a populated one. The kind of blades in terms of their make, built and measurements help cut through more air and hence producing more energy.

One of the most basic steps to help calculate and estimate the production of wind energy is to first calculate the wind turbine power, obtain the average wind speed and then get the hub height.

Wing turbines in the Western Europe are more popular because the area is massive and has open grasslands. Of course, true and accurate estimation of wind energy is always a challenge and requires in-depth study of the past wind patterns and intense calculations.

While the estimation may be difficult, it is absolutely useful. After all, all this goes into saving the planet from ageing! You could easily build your own wind turbine using ready made wind turbine kits that are easily available in the market.

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