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DIY Wind Generator - Why You Should Consider Installing One

For a start it has to be said that some of the requirements for wind power to work efficiently may mean it is not for everyone.

If you have the know-how, a big enough piece of land and a steady prevailing wind, then this option for generating electricity can not only save you money, but possibly even earn you credits with your existing utility company as well.

The main feature of wind power is that it is truly sustainable and affordable even on a small scale.

Home owners in some states, notably California and Illinois, can also get tax rebates for installation or grants to get you started.

There is plenty of assistance from online sites providing assessments of wind patterns and advice on newer technology for these smaller turbines.

The best advice I can give you is to spend some time looking carefully at all the options before you start on planning a wind turbine for the home.

Location is the most important factor. A flat plain is one of the best sites but being on a hill may be ideal as well if you face into the prevailing winds.

The Department of Energy has created wind maps for most of the country but in hilly areas big variances over small distances may not make your site viable.

Invest in a wind gauge to record your local averages more accurately before committing to the construction expense.

Don't be put off by the expense either as the more the demand for these smaller turbines grows, they will become more efficient, and reliable reductions in your utility bills can be substantial. When you compare wind power with solar energy the absence of costly photovoltaic technology makes this form of energy generation even more attractive.

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The disposal of these large cells is also a problem and the fact that when you select a larger wind power turbine you get increased savings counts against solar energy as well.

The manufacture and installation of wind power turbines has become increasingly sophisticated and more reliable than even ten years ago. Today, roof mounted units for residential sites can take a day to install and be up and running. They also create less noise and vibration than their predecessors with wood or plastic blades and better braking systems.

Previously towers and large areas of land were required to reduce turbulence and the construction and assembly of these and their cost put them outside of the scope of the average householder.

While an ambitious DIY project, the relatively simple all in one systems now on the market are worth checking out if you have some rudimentary construction knowledge.

One of the most attractive features is these systems require little maintenance and can last for up to 30 years depending on conditions.

The ability to generate your own electricity with a wind turbine kit not only helps to cut your monthly bills but can add significant resale to your property.

Looking into the future, an ability to be self reliant on power generation and not at the whim of utility companies may make today's investment even more attractive.

One of the ironies is that mechanical wind power was the choice of pioneers, so in a sense, by committing to this choice for sustainable energy we could be said to really be going back to the future.

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