DIY Green Energy For Homes

Basics of Personal Wind Power

Thinking out of the box when it comes to renewable energy is a remarkable trait everyone should have.

With the existing movement for energy conservation, this way of thinking will greatly affect how you consume energy, and how you deal with Mother Earth’s dreadful condition.

If you have already acquired this trait and are now looking for ways to apply your appreciation, you should consider the basics of personal wind power.

This is especially applicable for houses or communities with lesser tree population and with wind speeds reaching 10 mph at the minimum. Otherwise, you should consider solar energy.

By taking a look at the basics of personal wind power, you can easily detect the need for a wind vane. This is actually the most basic gadget that you should have when you want to tap into the energy produced by wind.

This article will discuss the two options that you can consider when considering getting a wind vane for your home. Starting with the first option, you can just buy a pre-made or pre-fabricated wind bane.

Of course, nothing would be simpler than just buying a wind vane from a store. The advantage of doing this option is that you can be sure your wind vane will work. Since all the mechanical work here is done for you, there is no need to worry about going back to your physics class.

Most of the stores selling wind vanes or wind turbines include as free shipping and installment service for your home. You would only just need to provide your complete address. However, the downfall of buying one is its price.

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The range is actually from $500 to $1,200. If you want a mathematicians view here, this price will be compensated by the savings that you get up to 10 to 15 years, given that you are an average energy consumer.

The second option is a lot cheaper than the price range mentioned but will require your mechanics skills. You can make your own wind turbine. Many articles found online are already teaching thousands of citizens in building their own wind turbine.

Doing this option will also let you experience the basics of personal wind power in a hands-on experience. The advantage of this option is again, the price. With a total price of around $200, you can already enjoy using the wind to power up your home. Moreover, most of the pieces you would need are already available in your nearest hardware store.

The negative side, though, of this option is reliability. If you do not have enough skills, you might end up making a non-working apparatus. The key to prevent here is to be careful enough in following the instructions that you have searched. By following every step of the way religiously, you can eventually make a wind turbine that runs effectively.

If you want to pick the first option, do research on the stores that provide the most affordable and reliable wind vane. See to it that the store provides free wind turbine installment service, and a warranty for the gadget itself. If you prefer the second option, you would need to do more research, especially on the DIY steps in making the turbine and the materials needed.

free energy options

free energy options