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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Every idea comes with two outcomes, a positive outcome and a negative one. Most of the time, to make a decision, you should consider both of the outcomes possible and balance the effects that you would want to get.

Tis method of scrutinizing ideas can also be applied when you are checking the efficiency of an alternative energy source.

In this article, you should see the different advantages and disadvantages of wind power. By having both sides present, you will be able to decide for yourself if it is indeed an effective alternate energy source.

Wind power is already in use on so many places. Many are even setting up power stations near the wind vanes. However, is the energy produced by this source enough to support the ever-growing need of humankind for electricity and energy?

Will it be more efficient to satisfy the world’s demand for energy using the wind vanes and the wind power stations? Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of wind power to help you see a balanced claim.


• Wind energy is renewable. This means that it will never be used up. Unlike the fossil fuels used today, one can always get energy from the wind. It just depends on how strong the wind is at the day you harness it. Nevertheless, as long as there are moving air particles, there will be wind energy to power a homemade wind turbine.

• The energy produce by the wind is a greener option. It does not require any burning method that usually produces carbon monoxide gasses. In addition, this energy resource produces no chemical by-products. Because of this fact, you can be sure that you can create energy without harming the environment.

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• Producing the energy from rotating wind blades is cheaper compared to using oil and burning coal. You would just need to make a one-time payment at first for the vanes, but afterwards, the maintenance is quite affordable.


• The energy from the wind depends on the location. You cannot just construct vanes everywhere to harness the wind. Since the blades of these vanes require a certain wind speed to move, you would need to do a research on the windiest locations in your place.

• The blades of the rotating wind vane might leave birds as victims. Since adding vanes in various locations is an unnatural thing, the wildlife living in there will be greatly affected.

• The power from the wind is quite limited. Even in the windiest locations, there will be days where no wind can be detected. During these days, wind power cannot be used as your primary source of energy.

• Constructing wind vanes is a very expensive task. However, upon completion, the maintenance part is bearable. It is just a one-time payment needed at the first part of the project.

Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of wind power, the point here is there is a need for an alternative fuel. By considering the points discussed above, you might be able to think for a solution that will minimize its disadvantages.

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