DIY Green Energy For Homes

Why You Should Install a Wind Powered Generator

Reasons why you should install a wind powered generator at home...

The most telling fact about energy is that non renewable sources will continue to force your utility costs up and expose you to times of outage when demand outstrips capacity.

'As free as the wind blows' may be an old refrain but for most of the country wind is an energy source readily and freely available, and in the days of the early pioneers often their first choice.

Our reliance on electricity generated from fossil fuels has an impact on the environment that cannot be underestimated.

From the visible effects of pollution spewing out of coal burning power stations, to the irreversibly damaged landscape of mining operations, these methods of generation need to be carefully examined.

They have serious consequences for the future good of this planet.

The option of wind power is becoming increasingly more realistic for the domestic user.

The costs and efficiency of the latest designs mean greater reliability and greater output for less money outlaid.

When looking at the cost check with your state energy departments for installation subsidies and tax rebates.

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The situation is rapidly changing to encourage development in many areas of self sufficiency regarding energy.

You may have undertaken energy saving strategies for your household already, but the next step you should consider is generating your own power.

DIY wind power systems can be installed in a matter of hours today, but firstly you should look at your site for a good prevailing wind.

There are wind maps for much of the country which show that over 90% of the US will be suitable.

If you have a location on a hill or plain then you will have little difficulty in operating a plant that will meet your household needs.

In fact if you are prepared to outlay a little more for a larger system you can 'sell' excess generation back to your utility company!

What more encouragement could you need?

The latest developments in wind power systems require less land as they can be mounted on domestic buildings to get the best shot at the wind.

No tall towers and direct drive linkages to the turbine mean less vibration and the new generation blades have lower noise levels as well.

One of the most important features of wind power generation is that it is most efficient when most required.


To explain this, wind blows more strongly during winter when heating creates greater demand from most households.

If you are in an isolated community then wind power should be considered for the fact that maintenance is relatively simple and can largely be done by the average person.

The turbines have few parts but must be rugged in design and function to be reliable but you can get very good advice now from manufacturers who are much more tightly scrutinized than they were back in the 70's.

These new designs have a payback period now of 8 to 10 years and a working life of up to 30 years, making them a very attractive option for sustainable energy generation.

The biggest factor however is they are largely non- polluting in their operation.

Some of the designs are even appealing to the eye and with lower profiles, less dominating on the horizon.

If you want energy that has an unlimited source, little impact on the environment and the potential not only to save you money but also earn you some credits, then wind power is the green option you should consider first.

For a step by step guide that will have you feeling good about the energy you're using, and saving money at the same time, check out Earth4Energy:

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