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Why You Absolutely Need Renewable Energy at Home

The reasons why you absolutely need renewable energy at home...

When you consider the environmental effects of energy generation based on coal and gas it is hard to escape the reality of their contribution to pollution.

These plants produce large amounts of carbon dioxide which are released into the atmosphere, contributing to the growing threat of global warming - but their damage doesn't end there.

The growing demand for coal worldwide sees damage to the landscape during mining operations on a scale that scars immense areas of the planet. This is irreversible, visible proof of our desire for energy at any cost.

In addition poorer quality coal is now having to be used which burns less efficiently and adds extra chemical pollutants into the atmosphere. The use of other fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas has devastating potential for environmental damage as well, both during its extraction from the earth and transportation to a power plant.

Increasingly pressure is being placed on wilderness areas to be opened up to exploration at the very extreme edge of technology's ability to deal with any accidental spill. The greatest effect of reliance on these non sustainable sources of energy is that they are rapidly increasing in cost as demand increases and supply becomes even less secure.

Turning to renewable energy becomes more and more attractive, not just as a way of reducing environmental pollution but as a cost saving to the individual.

The two most easily recognized systems are based on residential wind turbines and home solar power generation, both using energy from sources that are infinite and can be adapted for your own home.

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They are increasingly more efficient and reducing in cost as demand rises and the costs of production drop.They have the added advantage that the power they generate is consumed directly and not lost during transmission over wasteful transmission systems.

Domestic wind power generators can offer an extra benefit with the possibility of any surplus being 'sold' back to the grid for credits. If that doesn't sound like a win win for the home owner then consider that a home with it's own source of renewable energy has increased value on the resale market as well!

The advantages of your own renewable energy at home don't end there however, as with national demand for electricity beginning to outstrip supply during critical periods there are increasing risks of brownouts.

Having your own generation reduces reliance on the national grid and its potential for disaster when you most need it.

Self sufficiency may be a goal that sounds futuristic but preparation for a time when national supply based on non renewable energy may not be guaranteed sounds like excellent future proofing for you and your family.

The attraction of renewable energy is that once the initial costs of your choice of power have been outlaid, there is a period when the system will have paid for itself and essentially your energy is virtually free!

Maintenance costs are relatively small as systems have fewer parts that can wear out and most can be fixed by the home owner. Installation is speedy as well with only a few hours needed to erect wind and solar power kits.

So to summarize if you want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and remove the reliance on utility companies pricing increases, consider renewable energy for your household now.

There are many websites that can give you advice and in some states subsidies and tax rebates are available which can make installation even more attractive.

Act now and in the years to come you will look back on a decision well made!

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