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Why Recycling Is Growing In Importance

There’s no doubt as to the extent of damage that increased industrialization has had on the planet. Consumerism and the increase in demand for manufactured goods has led to the fast depletion of natural resources and the increase in greenhouse emissions.

Recycling is the process of isolating, gathering and remodelling used materials into new, usable material. This impacts positively to humans as well as the environment. Many big industries have realized the value of recycling, or using recycled material.

In this regard, many initiatives have been set up to promote recycling efforts in communities, and a lot of people now recognize the growing importance of recycling to their communities and the environment at large.

Obviously, as with anything else, there have been cases where parasitical interests try to undermine recycling programs for their own selfish interests. Some politicians have also hijacked such community initiatives for their own political goals.

While there are several ways to achieving a greener planet, recycling is one of the most practicable and efficient means because virtually, anything manufactured can be recycled, for instance plastic, paper, cloth and metal (aluminium).

Importance of recycling

Recycling reduces degradation of the planet. For instance, to manufacture paper, many trees have to be felled for raw material. If we recycle all paper products, it reduces the number of tress being felled for paper production. The same goes for other products that require raw material obtained through earth degradation.

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Recycling a ton of plastic, for instance, saves a year’s energy consumption for two people, it saves two month’s water consumption for one person, in addition to saving two thousand pounds worth of oil.

Also, when we recycle a single plastic bottle, we save between 100 and 1000 years in landfill, on top of reducing the emissions that would have been released while making new bottles, not to mention the energy used.

Saving energy through recycling also helps to reduce on global warming. In addition, if we recycle material that is non-biodegradable, we reduce on emissions that would be released by burning it.

Another ripple effect of recycling is that it reduces the amount of pollutants that would enter the air and sea  water. The process of extracting, processing and refining a product during the initial development phase introduces many toxic pollutants, such as ammonia, methane, carbon monoxide and sulphurs into the atmosphere and water bodies.

Recycling eliminates or greatly reduces the need for such processes meaning the environment will be saved from damage by the toxic pollutants.

How recycling programs work

Usually, recycling centres are set up in different local communities where people can dump their used containers. It takes nothing more than washing out the used containers and sorting them by type. Some programs will even pay you credits as an incentive for collecting your used cans for recycling.

Others use curb-side recycling where you dump the used cans in their respective recycling containers, which are then collected and ferried to the recycling centre by the local trash company.

With just a little time and effort, we can go a long way in saving mother planet by recycling.

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