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How to Modify Your Car Cheaply to RUN ON WATER

Pollution is definitely one of the major causes of global warming. This phenomenon causes our environment to be hazardous than ever.

And for this reason, it is ideal to do some research for all possible ways to decrease our pollution and help promote our nature’s total wellness.

If you want to know a way to help save the environment, then you may consider knowing what green cars are.

One way to help our environment is to use and know what green cars are. About 80 percent of people depend on fossil fuels for their energy consumption needs. Using fossil fuel on cars can produce air pollution, which can cause serious negative effect on the atmosphere.

Therefore, it is ideal to use green cars. Green cars don’t use diesel and gasoline that produces harmful elements that pollutes the air. Instead, they use environmental friendly methods to run the machine.

What are green cars? These cars make use of batteries to run the engine. Most of the time, green cars make use of solar energy to store electricity. Other cards use liquid nitrogen and compressed air like petroleum gases. These elements are safe and environmentally friendly for their less polluting benefits.

A regular car can be converted to a green vehicle by simply adding in renewable fuels. For an instance, a regular diesel powered car can be transformed into a green car by converting it to biodiesel.

However, biodiesel poses problems to the cars because it tends to remove all built up residue accrued in the engine, which clog the filter of the car. Using biodiesel is a great way of keeping the engine combustion chamber of a car much cleaner.

Renewable fuels like ethanol can also be mixed with gasoline to make a car greener. In Brazil, there are already cars that can run by using neat ethanol. You can also adopt this method even at your own home. All you need is to know how the process works and you’ll have a much greener car on the road.

In recent years, more and more auto makers are creating green hybrid cars and they are slowly gaining acceptance by the public. Green cars not only help you save more money on your fuel but it can also be good to the environment. As of today, our environment has been beaten by lots of pollution. It is up to us to save our environment and make it a safe place to live with, especially for the present and future people.

Want to run your car on water?

This simple guide shows you:

* How to use plain old water (doesn’t even have to be clean) to run your car...and no, this isn’t a joke

* The reasons it’s SMART to run your car on water (HINT: Think “keep my engine clean and have it purr like a kitten”)

* The simple technique to convert ANY car or truck to run on water Running your car on water you get out of your faucet or hose obviously saves you money.

It also helps the environment. And it REALLY hits Big Oil right in the wallet. That’s a winner all around, isn’t it? No more shelling out piles of your hard-earned money at the gas pump. With Run Car On Water, you can drive by everybody else waiting in line to buy gas and laugh. Why not run your car for pennies? It certainly doesn’t hurt to see what you’re missing.

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