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Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips

You can make fuel savings the next time you turn on your car or truck without having to do anything other than changing the way you drive!

There are a few extra ways that involve nothing more than making sure your vehicle maintenance is up to date and attention is paid to some simple areas.

For following these top tips you could achieve a 15-20% reduction in your present fuel bill.

Gas is not an infinite resource.

The potential for environmental pollution as the search for oil in wilderness areas to satisfy demand continues.

The actual pollution to our air quality for every drop burned in a vehicle and the limited success of alternatives are all good reasons to try and reduce our consumption.

The savings in our wallets are an excellent motivation too! So here are ten ways to improve fuel efficiency in cars.

1. Watch your speed.

The difference of 10mph can drop your car's demand by 10% and more over a long trip.

2. Short trips, the starting and stopping frequently, are difficult to reduce consumption on.

Ever considered walking to the convenience store just a block away!

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3. When traveling maintain an even speed and resist the urge to apply the pedal just to hear the roar of the engine.

4. Keep your car tuned regularly and check your exhaust to see how clean the smoke is.

It should not be black and oily as this means you are not burning fuel efficiently.

5. Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure.

The effect of drag can increase fuel consumption by 10%!

The increased wear will cost you in more frequent replacement costs.

6. Cut down the weight you carry in the trunk. Store the golf clubs, the portable grill or extra tools at home or work. Not in your car.

If you load up to go on a trip to the lake take everything out when you get there and don't drive around using your vehicle as a store!

7. If you carry skis or other sports gear on a roof rack consider getting an aerodynamic case to put them in to reduce drag on the trip to your holiday spot.

8. Choose the type of vehicle that meets your needs and those of your family.

A high performance SUV may look great in the drive but if there are only two in the family and you never intend to go into the wild then you are wasting fuel going to and from work.

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9. Consider carpooling for getting the kids to school or sport. Look at those who work with you and maybe car sharing is an option here as well.

The upside here is fewer cars on the road leads to quicker transit times and less time spent by all of us in gridlock during peak hours!

10 Finally check out the other transport opportunities for you and your family.

Public transport will bring you to your destination fresh and ready for work without the hassle of negotiating that rush hour mania.

Saves on parking fees too! You can also spend the time while traveling relaxing or checking on your mail with a laptop or cell phone.

You don't have to do this everyday but just try it and your daily commute may become a fun thing to do instead of a battle!

Another thing to consider is getting a cycle for short trips in the weekend.

No fuel needed for this option....the cleanest, greenest choice you can make.

You may even lose a few pounds in the process and save on gym fees as well.

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