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Top 20 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Do you want to save water?

When we consider the essential part that water plays in our lives and the cost of providing this to our homes, surely now is the time to look at how we can conserve this precious resource.

If you examine where we use it then it is not difficult to come up with a few tips, and we have our top 20 here:

1] The shower you have first thing in the morning should not last more than 5mins.

Use a timer if you find it hard to leave and make sure the fittings are set accurately and don't drip when turned off.

2] Clothes washing machines should be selected for their ability to use only the water minimum for the load.

New models have sensors to help so look for this when upgrading.

Front loading machines, while a little more expensive, use less water and power as well.

3] Washing the car - use a bucket and chamois, not the garden hose.

4] Watering the lawn and garden should be done by hand if needed.

Sprinklers wetting large areas of path are a huge waste of this resource.

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5] Don't water during the heat of the day as evaporation makes this a pointless exercise.

6] Reuse grey water for the garden and lawns.

The phosphates in some detergents that are environmentally friendly will actually be good for your plants.

7] Harvest rainwater for outside use by collecting runoff from roofs.

If you are prepared to invest in a domestic purification system so much the better.

8] Toilets cisterns should be dual flush and use discipline when flushing.

9] Old large cisterns can be adjusted by adding a brick, or something solid to replace water required to refill.

10] Check your pipes for leaks and proper insulation. This can be spotted sometimes by unusually green strips of lawn in a dry spell.

 Remember trees grow and roots can disrupt old piping.

11] Check all taps for drips, both inside and outside.

A single tap can waste 500liters or more in a year.

12] Never dump pollutants down the drains. Remember what goes down eventually returns to the water table.

13] When in the kitchen use a bowl to rinse salad not a running tap.

14] Brushing teeth should be done without the tap running as well.

15] When washing hair in the basin use the shower to rinse off not a handheld spray.

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16] Select your dishwasher for its ability to use water efficiently and look at recycling waste water.

17] When using a dishwasher do so when it is full to be more efficient.

18] Pools look lovely but consider how often they will be used if you are thinking of installing one.

19] If you have a pool then check it for leaks as well and repair in winter if appropriate.

20] If you have control in your work situation check water is being used efficiently there as well.

It will be amazing if you adopt all the above tips to see your utility bill drop for water usage.

Some of the small things like not using a running tap to brush your teeth will save 3 to 4,000 liters in a year alone for a family of four.

Consider also that getting water to the household is increasingly more demanding on energy.

Water has to be pumped for longer and longer distances as old city bores dry up and rivers face additional demands for irrigation and industrial purposes.

Every little bit will help to stop the steady supply dwindling to a trickle then just a drip.

Did you know you can also save on your power bill by building your own thermal hot water system? Check out the site below:

Happy water savings.