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The Value of Clean Energy

Clean energy is the type of energy produced through means that are not hazardous to human beings or animals, and doesn’t cause any form of pollution.

This type of energy is renewable and doesn’t have any harmful effects on the atmosphere. There are many ways through which this energy is produced and made useful to individuals.

Sources of clean energy

The sun is the most preferred source of clean energy. Use of solar panels converts heat from the sun into power which is then used immediately or stored for future use by use of batteries. The solar panels have Photovoltaic cells which contain special technology that traps the sun’s energy and changes it into power ready for use.

The use of water is also another convenient way of producing clean energy. Water is used in the generation of hydroelectric power which is then used as electricity. This type of energy is being produced in places with plenty of water, such as dams and big rivers. The water is used to turn the turbines that produce kinetic energy which is then converted to electricity.

Wind power is also an important source of clean energy. This is mostly used in raised areas more especially in European countries. This mechanism works just the same as the water produced energy.

Geothermal power is another brilliant form of renewable energy system. It uses the heat from deep inside the earth to yield electricity. The power is harvested by harnessing the steam that comes out of fissures on the ground through natural ways.

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The importance of the clean energy

The production of this type of energy does not cause any emission that is likely to cause air pollution. This energy is unlike fossils and coal that have emissions such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxide or particle matter into the soil, air and water when used, which are likely to cause great climate changes, acid rain, and air pollution.

It is healthy and friendly. This is because it does not emit any dangerous products that are likely to cause any harmful effect to people when using the energy.

It does not cause any damage when harvesting it. During the extraction of fossil fuel, the land is dug deep in order to obtain the fossil. This causes much destruction of land hence land degradation and wastage.

This type of energy is very secure for future energy supplies - keeping in mind that energy demands keep increasing and fossil sources keep drying out. This is because the energy from these sources is renewable, unlike the use of fossil fuel that completely burns down when used and can’t be renewed for future use.

This energy is economical because the only expenses incurred are during the installation of the machine. Unlike other forms of energy, this form is naturally obtained thus making it less expensive.

It’s made from unlimited sources. The generation of this energy does not entirely depend on only one source. This is because there is a number of ways through which it is produced thus making it more available.

These are some of the values that make the clean energy more preferred for use compared to other forms of energies.

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