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The concern over energy supplies has run rampant in recent years. As our population continues to grow, so does our need for energy.

As the demand for energy supplies increase, so does the cost. This realization has sparked the interest in looking for alternative energy sources that can be tapped into.

We are becoming very familiar with solar, wind, and magnetic power producing alternatives. But Tesla Free Energy is not as well known. But perhaps it should be.

The principle of Tesla Free Energy is the availability of free and unlimited energy that can be used by everyone. This would eliminate dependency on power companies for supplies of power, which would essentially eliminate energy costs.

Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Generator to do just this. His objective was to determine the vibrating frequencies of earth with the intent of transmitting unlimited electric power for everyday use. He also identified frequencies that nullified power. His invention operated much like a solar grid in capturing free energy.

However, instead of the sun and solar panels, Tesla designed the operation to be used with a metal plate to generate an alternate current. The claim is that his device extracted energy from cosmic rays—the sun and stars.

The stars at night, in particular, provided optimal energy conditions for the best operation. This mechanism was called producing “negative electricity,” which is understood to be an alternating current.

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Today, Tesla Free Energy is provided in a coil as a transformer that can quickly convert household electricity to high-voltage, high-frequency, low-amperage power. A small Tesla coil of high-frequency output is powerful enough to generate light in fluorescent tube that are at a distance of several feet away, and without the assistance of a wire connection.

The output of a Tesla coil is powerful enough to provide light in fluorescent lights with burned out cathodes on less than 100 watts drawn from the coil.

High voltage AC can be produced by a Tesla coil to light glass-enclosed vacuum bulbs that are void of the gases usually required for lighting. In the home, Tesla coils can be used to illuminate light bulbs indefinitely. This would provide no cost energy for lighting and increase savings on energy bills.

Since Tesla’s invention and the establishment of new technologies, many other researchers have entered the field to advance these theories. Other inventors have used these cosmic rays to stop a magneto system in a gasoline engine, to ignite gun powder, and light a lamp from a distance. This was said to be done by a “carrier beam” that transmitted a high-voltage, low-frequency electrical current.

The possibilities of Tesla Free Energy in providing effective cost solutions for home energy are numerous. Currently, consumers can investigate these energies for themselves. In doing a search on the internet, information on how to build and try a system in your own home is readily available.

Information is also available to show the many different ways Tesla Free Energy can be used to reduce energy consumption, and ultimately, lower energy costs and generate huge savings as a result.

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