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Why The Tesla Generator Is Good For Home Use

Although many homeowners are trying to save on their energy bills, the frustration with utility companies does not seem to end.

Thus, there’s a constant search for more affordable means of powering homes. A tesla generator is a cheaper alternative that’s easy to set up and maintain.

With a renewed interest in the tesla generator, it is important to acquaint yourself with its basics and the reasons that make it suitable for complementary home energy.

The tesla generator, which was named after its inventor Nikola Tesla, is the ultimate proposition for those looking for a cheaper, yet greener source of power. The beauty with it is that it is not powered by fossil fuels and it can produce huge amounts of energy with relatively smaller inputs, simply perfect for a home.


The generator is fairly easy to build. Plans for constructing one are accessible through piles of free online sources.

Secondly, the parts needed to build a tesla generator are very cheap. In fact, you will not spend more than $100 for all the parts, which is a fraction of what it costs to install a wind or direct solar electric system. After the initial investment, running costs are extremely low, so your total energy bill will drastically come down in the long run.

Since the tesla generator has a big power output (theoretically), you’re likely to produce excess electricity at any given time. This means you can negotiate an arrangement to earn credits by selling the excess power to the grid.

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If you lack the technical skills to build one, it can be assembled for you in an outlet. This would mean spending additional costs. However, these costs are easily rolled back when the generator is in use because there is zero maintenance costs.

The generator is very gentle to the environment. There are no greenhouse gases and other carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and moreover, it is relatively silent when running.

There are some government tax incentives for using a tesla generator. In reality, it is not an easy prospect to reach minimum production levels for tax breaks, nonetheless it’s a good incentive for promoting the tesla generator.

Apart from huge savings, the tesla generator is self-preserving and can be used to perpetually generate power, as long as the magnets can sustain the spinning.

Having said that, it’s important to shed light on the bottlenecks that have hindered the  practical application of the tesla generator so that its benefits are put in perspective.

Even with today’s available technology, there is no wiring system yet that can reduce the enormous energy losses through its transmission in the system. Although a lot of power can be generated, a big part is decimated by space and time during transmission, leaving a very small, almost negligible percentage of usable power.

Another set back is that for reasonable amounts of power to be produced, a large sized spinning plate ought to be used. Moreover, with the power losses in transmission, it means that ultimately less power will be available for use.

As a power consumer, it perfectly makes sense to have working knowledge of alternatives like the tesla generator. However, although in theory, the designs for the tesla generator make perfect economic and environmental sense, they are not exactly workable in practice.

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