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Tesla Generator: The Next Generation Of Alternative Energy

A lot of people are trying to find new ways to use energy for powering simple, every day objects.  People have found various ways to harness solar power, but again, many people are questioning why we are looking for something that we already know how to do.

According to theory, Nicolas Tesla, who hoped to provide the world with free energy, created the Tesla Generator

Once the generator is built, there is no limit to the amount of energy it can provide. This generator is able to work without any emissions, fumes, or pollutants, making its carbon footprint minimal. 

Many believe that Tesla came up with the idea in 1902 and that the government kept the instructions for building the generator from the public in an attempt to keep big energy companies from being shut down.  Today, there are some who claim to have found Tesla’s plans.

If these plans are accurate, building a Tesla generator is very simple. Many websites offer instructions that are easy to follow. The parts are available at most electrical hardware stores, and proponents of this generator suggest that if you want one large enough to power your house, it can be built for as little as $100. 

If Tesla’s generator can live up to its promise, then we can expect a huge shake-up in the alternative energy sphere, and power generation in general. $100 is very cheap in comparison to how much most people spend on energy. If they are able to make this payment one time, and be able to have as much energy as they could ever possibly use, you could expect huge numbers switching to this type of energy. 


There are many other ways people’s lives could be affected. Energy will be much more affordable, allowing many people who are currently unable to afford it the opportunity to use things like electrical devices that simplify day-to-day life - which would generally uplift people’s standards of living.

There are many wonderful possibilities if this discovery is feasible, however there are a few concerns as well. The biggest concern would be the problems that current energy companies would have to face. For one, many of them would lose business and be forced to close down completely if there’s a mass shift to cheaper alternative energy - Tesla’s generator.

Many people would be out of their jobs, not to mention that many of the world’s job markets are already suffering considerably. It would be difficult for these people to find another job in an already troubled market.

If Tesla’s generator finally comes into mass production, it will drastically change the way that society uses energy. It will give us the ultimate alternative energy, allowing many people access to energy that they never had, and giving them this access without any kind of limit. 

While there is currently little or no hard evidence as to whether or not the generators are feasible, there are many websites where people claim to have reached success with the generators, offering their instructions to everyone. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of interest in Tesla’s initiative and we can only hope that it will be the answer to the increasingly biting energy costs.

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