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Anybody would jump at the chance of free electricity, but it seems like it’s too good of a thing to be true. But that’s exactly what the Tesla Generator can provide to any and every one who takes the time to understand and apply it.

A Tesla Free Energy Generator can provide free power to households and, in addition, is environmentally friendly.

The ever rising cost of energy has caused many consumers to either attempt to use less energy or find alternative energy sources. Households resort to using light bulbs that require less energy, unplugging unused devices or keeping water at a lower temperature.

Other household have looked into renewable energy alternatives such as solar panels or wind turbines. While all of these are great steps for reducing usage and cost, the Tesla generator provides great energy saving benefits at insignificant costs.

Once held as a secret out of the fear of losing money, there is now information available to anyone for building a Tesla generator. Anyone can research and obtain the plans for themselves. However, a careful research is necessary, as there are many sites that promote Tesla plans that are not authentic. Consumers will have to be diligent in the search so as not to get taken advantage of.

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Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla generator to generate free energy. He determined the vibrating frequencies of earth with the intent of transmitting unlimited electric power for everyday use. He also identified frequencies that nullified power. His invention operated much like a solar grid in capturing free energy.

However, instead of the sun and diy solar panels, Tesla designed the operation to be used with a metal plate to generate an alternate current. The claim is that his device extracted energy from cosmic rays—the sun and stars. The stars at night, in particular, provided optimal energy conditions for the best operation. This mechanism was called producing “negative electricity,” which is understood to be an alternating current.

Tesla free energy is provided in a coil and converts household electricity to high-voltage, high-frequency, and low-amperage power. A small Tesla coil of high-frequency output can generate light in fluorescent tubes that are several feet away, and without the assistance of a wire connection. The output of a Tesla coil is powerful enough to provide light in fluorescent lights with burned out cathodes on less than 100 watts drawn from the coil.

High voltage AC can be produced by a Tesla coil to light glass-enclosed vacuum bulbs that are void of the gases usually required for lighting. In the home, Tesla coils can be used to illuminate light bulbs indefinitely.  This would provide no cost energy for lighting and increase savings on energy bills.

There are numerous possibilities of the Tesla free energy system providing effective home energy cost solutions. Currently, consumers can investigate these energies for themselves. In doing a search on the internet, information on how to build and try a system in your own home is readily available.

Information is also available to show the many different ways Tesla free energy can be used to reduce energy consumption, and ultimately, lower energy costs and generate huge savings as a result. As much as 50% in savings have been claimed by many consumers.

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