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Tesla Free Energy – How Does It Work?

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian - American inventor in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. He contributed to the birth of commercial electricity and the development of electromagnetism in the early 20th century.

Most of his theoretical works ushered in the second Industrial Revolution, where they formed the basis for electrical power systems of the modern alternating current.

These included the polyphase electrical system distribution, and the AC motor technology. He pioneered modern electrical engineering, and his discoveries were of ground-breaking importance.

As a result, his work and fame were unique, compared to his contemporaries. He demonstrated wireless energy transfer that powered electronic devices and therefore inspired intercontinental wireless transmission of industrial power.

Many serious home owners are very enthusiastic about the raving new Tesla free energy generator. It is believed that it will revolutionize the way energy is accessed and used in homes, and it is regarded as one of the biggest home inventions that the energy industry has witnessed in a long time. However, with all this optimism, many people are still in the dark regarding how this Free Tesla Energy System works?

For those who have successfully managed to get a feel of how this energy is generated, the answer is pretty close to the way this power is harvested. The sun is a huge ball of electrical energy containing only positively charged ions, with high energy producing potential of over 200 billion volts.

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The Earth, our planet, is approximately 100 million miles away from the sun. It is like a sponge containing negative electricity which creates a big freeway for the landing of the sun’s electrical energy, of over 4.5 megawatts. Before Tesla’s invention of free energy, it was almost impossible to utilize any kind of energy at zero cost.

Most of the energy came and bounced off the earth's atmosphere, only to be lost, forever unused. However, thanks to Tesla's discovery, it is now possible to capture a portion of this unlimited energy source that is without attached costs and, could possibly help people radically reduce their energy bills.

Many home owners have built their own Tesla energy generators with success through the use of the newly released blueprints. This technology has changed the way electricity is accessed globally, in addition to being free, clean and unlimited. The thought of generating electricity, especially from free energy, would seem unrealistic to some people. However, free electricity is a very popular concept, even though it may seem like a farfetched concept.

Many people around the world are reaping the huge benefits of free and extremely cheap electricity in their homes. The use of Tesla energy generators to produce free energy for various uses at home or in commercial installations is now easy and is literally taking the entire energy industry by storm.

It has proved to be the most advanced and unique energy harvester that has ever to grace our planet. To date, it has attracted thousands of individuals who have switched to harnessing free energy from Tesla, thus, cutting their expenses while making savings.

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