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Nikola Tesla - The Theory Of Free Power

The prices of oil and natural gas are skyrocketing. Foreign markets trading in these resources are more volatile than ever. It’s no surprise then that most of us relish the thought of cheap electricity, or better, free electricity.

Indeed, free electricity, without the hustle of connecting to the grid, is more than a dream come true. Electricity transmitted through the air to power our cars and light up our homes might seem like something a few centuries away; it is not. Nikola Tesla’s theory of free power avails the technology to generate that kind of electricity and, yes, in the 21st century.

During the times when electricity had just been invented, there were some who championed direct current transmission, while others pushed for alternating current transmission. Thomas Edison, long known as the inventor of electricity, was firm in his resolve that direct current was the future; electricity characterised by a positive and negative pole, much like a battery, which was to be distributed to homes over power lines. On the other hand, Nikola Tesla was a proponent of alternating current, electricity by oscillations.

As the years progressed, alternating current became the default power source for homes, while  mobile appliances, such as vehicles and battery-powered machines, relied solely on direct-current.

Of the two, alternating current is the safer since its transmission is through wires and it is easily adapted to home use. Because it lacks a transmission source, direct current is favourable for use in mobile devices as the power source is contained within the battery, which is itself contained in the device, for instance a car, a radio, flashlight among other appliances.

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Nikola Tesla theorized that electricity could be transmitted through the air, much like radio waves, and that powering a house without connecting it to the electrical grid would be possible, provided the right equipment was in place. If this was achievable, then everyone would just amass enough power for their use through a collector and power their tools, light up their home and run their car for free.

One of the theories that would provide free power to the world was the Tesla Generator. The Tesla free power coil is a device that can gather a 100 volt AC charge and rapidly convert it to a low-amp, high frequency voltage power capable of flowing through the air.

When the correct receptors are placed on the electrical appliances, they can then utilize this power. Before 1900, Nikola Tesla was able to demonstrate that millions of volts could be transmitted over a 26-mile distance and power a bank of light bulbs, as well as operate an electrical motor.

Tesla coils - plugged into a 110 volt outlet - can produce enough electricity in a house to power nearby light bulbs. According to Tesla’s theory, if high-powered towers were carefully aligned, they would supply the world with free electricity.

The consummation of his efforts was a theory on radiant energy. Based on electro-magnetic wave theories, electricity could be transmitted to a house, then distributed via wiring. Nikola Tesla made an attempt to prove his theory by building the Wardenclyfe transmitter in Shoreham, New York.

However, Nikola Tesla did not manage to make his dream a reality. Nonetheless, devoted proponents of his theories continue to carry the dream today, as envisaged in the Tesla Generator.

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