DIY Green Energy For Homes

Generation of Electricity with a Tesla Generator

As the demand and cost of energy increases and the oil fuel resources deplete, the search to find alternate, cost efficient energy resources abound.

In addition to availability and cost of energy alternatives, awareness and concern for our environment is on the rise as well.

The focus in fuel selection is on the reduction of carbon emissions, poisonous fumes, and other harmful pollutants into the air.

Clean energy alternatives have been explored and have introduced consumers to efficient technologies. Some of these are solar, wind, and magnetically induced power options.

Consumer are experimenting with products ranging from do-it-yourself energy projects to full retail packages with much success. With these products, they are reducing their energy consumption and increasing their savings on their energy bills.

Another option for an alternative energy source is a Tesla Generator. The Tesla Generator uses a coil to produce high voltage, low current and high frequency alternating current. This small coil is capable of generating a great amount of energy by creating a powerful electrical field. This can also produce an unlimited source of power and free electricity that can be used at any time.

Tesla generator applications are extraordinary. The coils are currently used in wireless transmissions of electricity and in small electronic devices. Its uses can be widespread and especially beneficial in lowering energy costs for the average homeowner.

Generating electricity with a Tesla generator is not an expensive venture. With about one hundred dollars, a homeowner can buy all the tools and parts necessary to successful build a fuel-less generator for their home.


The first experimental Tesla generator consisted of two insulated metal plates—one elevated and one close to the ground. The upper plate was connected by wire to one side of a capacitor while the lower plate was also attached to the other side by an additional wire and this was used to capture energy.

The principle of the Tesla generator is to use radiant energy of the sun and stars to generate and trap an electric current and turn it into an electric current for usage. This theory and test for energy led to the Tesla coil first, and then the Tesla generator which is capable of harnessing TV and radio waves as a source of electricity.

Today, a self-oscillating system is used to capture free energy. Once the oscillations are set in motion, they are self propelled with no outside force needed to generate motion. Low flowing current through this system allows the oscillations to go uninterrupted, generating continuous power.

Because of this, interest in the Tesla generator for electricity has grown tremendously. The idea of free energy, coupled with the low start up cost, has prompted consumers to further investigate and try to generate this free energy for their households. Doing so allows homeowners to reduce their reliance on power companies and to lower their energy costs.

The use of the Tesla generators also gives them the sense of responsibility in doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and aid in protecting the environment. Unlike current fuel sources, there is no burning of fuels or exhaustion of toxins to the air that contributes to poor air quality.

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