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Why is Residential Solar Power Becoming So Popular?

As more people choose a green lifestyle, solar power seems like the hottest of all renewable power sources.

Solar is the most practicable alternative for small homes, compared to wind power. Many homeowners also find solar power not only clean but fashionable too.

There is a multitude of other reasons for the popularity of solar power.


Solar power is a renewable source. The advantage here is two-fold: once the system is installed, you’ll enjoy ‘free’ energy perpetually (the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth is so enormous that in a single year, it is double the total amount that we can ever extract from fossil sources, e.g. natural gas, oil, and uranium). Secondly, it has no negative effects on the environment.

When properly installed, a solar electric system requires little or no maintenance. Since the upkeep is low, almost negligible, there are savings to be made in the long run.

Solar panels are built in a variety of sizes and shapes. This means they are flexible when it comes to installation. Most diy solar panels can be fitted on any house regardless of its roof design.

Solar panels are extremely durable, thus, there’s normally no need to replace them regularly, saving a lot in the long run. Panels are often installed on the roof, or a secluded area where they are less exposed to damage from debris.

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Solar panels have become cheaper over the years and more homeowners can now afford them. At a time when oil and gas prices are sky rocketing, acquiring solar panels seems like a wave of the future. Solar products are even set to become cheaper as governments the world over push for greener alternatives to stem the carbon footprint.

Solar complements the power needs of a home, saving on energy bills. Currently, there are solar water heating systems, solar cooking systems and solar lighting for homes, which are a great way to save energy and money.

There are net metering systems that enable homeowners to sell excess solar power to the grid. If there’s a net electricity balance above zero, it is rolled back from the energy bill to the utility company. If the balance is less than zero, the utility company pays a homeowner cash based on the same rates it charges. This approach has encouraged many homeowners to install solar power.

Other reasons for using solar power may be personal, varying from person to person. However, many homeowners share the above reasons for installing solar systems.

having said that, it’s worth noting that solar power may not be ideal for homes in areas with little or no sunshine reception. Solar generation directly depends on amount of sunlight received. The closer to the equator, the bigger the potential for solar Therefore, weather is a big influence on the viability of a solar electric system and this is sometimes its biggest drawback.

In other instances, the installation and use of solar power is restricted by local laws pertaining to certain areas. Therefore, not every homeowner anywhere has the privilege to use alternative energy.

The points above should help you make an informed decision about installing a solar energy system. Although it has got a number of benefits, it is not necessarily an ideal alternative for everyone, and those may represent the full benefits and considerations of using solar power.

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