DIY Green Energy For Homes

Solar Power Solutions for Your Home

Fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, are non renewable and are on their way out - although they continue to degrade the planet. manyp eople think that power solutions for the home are expensive, when in fact it is very easy to initiate solar power.

By using solar energy, there will certainly be a decrease in the destruction of natural resources that we use for energy consumption, such as wood. the following are some of the solar power solutions you can try for your home that can be very effective.

A solar cooker

This is a stove that uses the sun as a source of energy instead of using gas and electricity as sources of power. With a solar stove, you can comfortably prepare food for up to five people. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about being limited in your preparation of certain foods, as not only does solar power boil water and foodstuff, but it also bakes and roasts.

Solar power requires little maintenance, so this saves you time and money. Likewise, considering how high electricity bills usually are, use of a solar stove will save you a significant amount of money. There is also the belief that cooking with solar power is much healthier than using other fuels. What's more, it is very environmentally friendly.

Solar lighting

Electrical lighting is one of the most energy consuming and pretty expensive aspects of modern life. To save your money on those high electrical bills, power your lighting needs with solar energy. You only have to build a solar system that will store electricity in solar cells.

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Solar panels will collect the sunlight - energy - and charge the solar cells. This ensures that you still have power even on days when the sun is not out. Furthermore, blackouts - due to grid problems - will not affect you because your source is independent from the grid.

Solar heating

Some people find solar heating systems a tad too expensive, and they think solar panels are not exactly a pleasant sight when installed on the roof. However, manufacturers are going out of their way to keep customers happy with more appealing systems. Besides the added aesthetic appeal, these gadgets will help offset your electrical bills in as little as three years. Generally, investing in a solar heating system pays off in more ways than just reducing your energy bills.

Thermal solar power

Considering the amount of heat emmitted by that fiery mass, it makes a lot of economic sense to turn it to good use and, possibly reap some profit in the process. You can passively tap it for your home use - for instance heating water in your house, or the swimming pool. Of course, your bill will be thinner, not to mention the possibility of making money from any excess you may produce. This low technology is practical, affordable and ultra green.

Reducing our dependence on fossils will help to conserve the planet, reduce on the greenhouse gas emissions and improve our incomes. Solar energy offers real practical solutions that can almost be applied to any use, moreover, it doesn’t need a lot of technical know-how to set up and maintain.

free energy options

free energy options