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Solar Power Inverter

Solar power inverters are gadgets which convert solar or sun energy into an electrical current through a mechanical process.

The inverters are bought separately from the battery, which is charged by the solar panels, after which the current from the battery is converted to an electric current that is used for various purposes in homes or industries.

There are three major types of solar inverters which are commonly sold:

1 The stand alone inverters. They get power from the charged battery, which is then converted into mechanical energy. The power can be used in electronics that require minimal energy. The surge compliant stand alone inverters are mainly used to power equipment that require a lot of current, for instance mortars.

2 Synchronous inverters. These are inverters that are used to generate electricity for home use and commercial purposes. They have an inbuilt capacity to store power in the batteries.

3 The multifunction inverters. This is a combination of the stand alone and synchronous inverters. They are the most developed, thus, more costly to purchase and install.

A number of companies have specialized in the manufacture of solar power inverters, thereby coming up with diverse unique brands that function differently. The prices of solar power inverters will depend on power output, measured in watts. In most stores, you can find as low as 25 watt inverters and as high as up to 2000 watts. The purchase will depend on the needs of an individual.

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With more and more people resorting to renewable energy at home, manufacturers are now supplying the inverters cheaply and even employing a sizeable workforce to physically be there at customer premises and provide assistance with their demands at the installation sites. Online shopping of solar inverters is common at wholesale prices, with manuals on how to install and use them.

What are the benefits of solar power inverters?

The solar power inverters are small, light and very convenient. They don’t require a lot of space when installing. In addition, they are easy to set up and operate. You only need to go through a bit of training, even if it is your first time to operate.

The inverters are not expensive and can be affordable to an extensive number of clients. Once installed, they don’t require a lot of maintenance, hence reducing your expenses.

The inverters last for long and give good service for quite a period of time. After being installed, they keep going for many years as long as you take good care of them.

They also come in variety, in terms of capacity and design. You can purchase inverters ranging from 25 watts to over 2000 watts, depending on power needs, and at different prices.

Majority of the solar power inverters use the latest technology called maximum power point tracking that makes it possible to get high current power outputs and give maximum benefits. This is the convenience that one expects when using solar inverters.

Solar inverters can easily be purchased from your nearest dealer at reduced rates. The growing demand for solar power is surpassing the traditional use of power generated by commercial companies. It also cuts down on your electric bills substantially.

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