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How to Save Money by Making Your Own Solar Panels

I'm not really the best at do it yourself but the Earth4Energy solar panels have inspired me to give it a go.

The idea of converting the sun's energy into electricity seems to offer a solution to the mounting utility bills.

The cost of the kits, life time support and a full guide to assembly of these solar panels appears to make it a breeze.

I was impressed by the testimonials available on the website, especially those who mentioned the advantages that can be gained by recycling common household materials.

The kits don't look to be high tech, which for me is an advantage as the more solid the constructions, then I believe the more likely they will be reliable.

There are many new sites on the internet offering cheap solutions to the steadily rising cost of electricity and claims to help clean up the environment.But you have to realize not all offer the full money back guarantee of Earth4Energy.

What you get from Earth4Energy is not just a kit and a guide but instruction on how this whole technology works.

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Once you understand the concept it is much easier to build your own solar panels and know they will work!

Step by step instructions are essential with the added feature of coloured diagrams showing the assembly process.

This broke down the panel casing and wiring of the cells into a very easy to follow package, even for me!

The additional benefits of the solar calculator aided me to see exactly what I needed for my situation just by putting in some basic data into the system.

Mounting of the panels on the roof just like a professional would do made me feel quite secure about the success of this project before it was even turned on.

Wiring of the panels and circuits I thought would be well beyond anyone who wasn't an electrician but the step by step guide covered this as well.

The next benefit that really appealed was one which I could start on even before construction.

This was the process to go through for application to government sites for tax credits and rebates.

Having the forms available ready to complete and mail was a big help!


As I said earlier it seems that too many other sites are more concerned with selling the kits than making sure the whole package suits the individual.

Earth4Energy seemed to deal with the basics well but the attention to all details really impresses.

Solar energy is affordable and easy but if you want to save, cutting corners won't give you a product that delivers from day one and lasts.

The problem is that expensive installations on the market can cost thousands and then not deliver either.

The research done by the bright minds at Earth4Energy looked at this and saw it needn't be that expensive nor difficult.

The advantage of this construction is that to get a real benefit it must be cheap to install and easily understood for maintenance by the owner who may live in an area distant from support.

The more you outlay, the longer the payback period will be.

Who wants to wait for 20-30years after spending up to $20,OOO?

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