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Save Money By Installing a Clothesline in Your Home

How do you dry your clothes?

In the good old days people used the benefits of natural drying outdoors to keep clothes fresh looking and white's naturally bleached.

Today we are too used to throwing the wet wash into a dryer and flicking a switch to get the job done.Few of us realize that if we just hung our clothes outside for 6 months of the year a 3 per cent drop in contributions to emissions causing global warming would result.

This staggering figure is even more amazing when you consider that to put up a simple rope clothes line costs only a few dollars and has other benefits for you. The exercise gained from hanging out clothes and spending time in the sun and fresh air may mean you can do away with the gym or save on exercise equipment.

In the USA the total number of electrical dryers is approaching 100 million units. The energy need to manufacture them, and the materials they are composed of add up to a staggering waste of scarce resources.

It is not as if we can't remember what it was like to spend time with grandma hanging out the washing, or lack the space to erect a form of line ourselves.

The clothes line was a focal point in the yard where children played, often using the washing flapping in the wind as part of their games.

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A dryer runs at the same power consumption level for a few garments as a full load, but you can hang washing on a line as is and when it is done. This can reduce your heating bills straightaway and result in substantial savings.

There is need for special care regarding different fabrics, and the problems of lint from paper tissues left in pockets! The sun will dry gently with the help of a breeze in the most natural way. White clothes will be naturally bleached and sanitized. The design of the clothes line can be as functional as you want and constructed to cope with small and large washes.

If you live in an apartment there are other options that still make a clothes line a viable alternative to a dryer.A roof garden can incorporate a foldaway line frame, pulley systems can extend drying space out over balconies and the old fashioned prop system is both simple to make and effective at dealing with large wash loads.

Even in winter a sunny aspect can have a clothes horse draped with small garments drying naturally and at no cost.

The smallest of apartments will usually have an area that can incorporate a fold away system to take advantage of a sunny day.

A clothes line may seem like going back to the future where life was simpler, but in truth washing and drying clothes is a simple process made complicated only by the obsession with machines.

Invest in some washing cord today and start saving immediately.

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