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Renewable and Green Energy: The Future

It’s not merely a bubble ballooning to burst soon, renewable energy is the way of the future. For sure, renewable energy and ‘going green’ are the talk at the moment.

While that is the case, many people still don’t understand how important renewable energy is. Let’s get the gist of what it really is, its importance and how it can be embraced for a better life and environment.

What is renewable and green energy?

To start with, almost all green energy sources are renewable. Green energy is that type of energy whose production does not give off pollutants - if any, they are negligible - which can harm the environment. For instance, green energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal, do not degrade the environment at any stage of production, or even the by-products. When you use a wind turbine, for example, to generate electricity, energy directly comes from wind. There are no by-products and waste produced.

On the other hand, fossils like oil and coal are expensive to produce; the drilling processes degrade the earth, while many by-products - which are toxic to the environment and the life therein - are released during the refining process.

Importance of renewable and green energy

There are numerous benefits of using green energy. Initially, two fundamental benefits with regards to protecting the environment come to mind. Green energy definitely is much more clean as there are no greenhouse emissions associated with its production. If greenhouse emissions are reduced, global warming will reduce too, thus, our planet will slowly replenish itself.

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The other thing that comes to mind is that earth degradation is eliminated with renewable energy. In fact, we shall have reliable energy security, rather than depending on foreign supplies, which themselves are facing depletion due to increased demand.

Having said that, there are other long-term benefits of green energy beyond the obvious environmental advantages. For instance, imagine how much you’d save in ten years if one-half of your home energy needs were powered by solar. Of course you’ll dig a little deeper for the initial costs but a few years down the road, you’ll have recovered it.

Renewable energy also benefits the economy as a whole. Since most of the investment in renewable energy is spent on equipment ,setup and maintenance, rather than exorbitant imports, it means those energy dollars will remain home to create more jobs and spur the economy.

How to switch to green energy

Although initial costs for most green alternatives are somewhat on the high-end for some people, the good news is that you can switch in smaller manageable increments, rather than making a change in one fell swoop. You can install a few panels to power some sections of your home, or use passive solar.

If that’s still a toll call, start by changing to a green mind-set with your current situation, such as minimising wastage of power. Some utilities provide options where you could specify a certain percentage of your power supply to come from renewable sources.

It may take a while before we fully embrace green alternatives, nevertheless, green energy is not merely a passing phase, it is the future.

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