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magniwork reviewA solution is available to the many homeowners who are looking for ways to lower their energy usage and cost. Over recent years, home utility costs have soared while the economy has continued to decline.

While many find themselves with stagnant or decreased spending money, their energy costs show no mercy and continue to rise. Magniwork provides information to assist homeowners to find relief without sacrificing the use of home conveniences.

Magniwork is a guide that is available to all homeowners who are interested in saving money on energy. It gives insight into renewable energy sources that can be utilized to reduced dependency on conventional power companies for electricity.

By building a magnetic generator, homeowners can generate their own power for their homes for free. This free energy replaces the power from the Power Company and results in increased savings on a monthly and yearly basis.

Included are introductory videos that will provide a greater understanding of how the free energy generator works and how it can be used to power a home. Users are sure to obtain satisfaction in the way the information is presented and will feel confident in building a system for their own individual home.

The magnetic energy system is one of many renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind power. What separates magnetic energy from these other two free energy sources is the non-reliance on other sources such as the sun or wind in order to function. This system will work on overcast days or at night, or when the wind is low.

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No backup energy system will be needed for adverse environment conditions. Instead, magnetic systems work on the forces of the magnets. Power is generated through simple repelling and attraction of the magnets. This creates a powerful source of energy that is free of mechanical parts.

And because there are no moving parts in the generation of energy, no additional cost from the replacement of parts is required. And this translates into even more of a cost savings over solar and wind alternatives for the consumer.

This magnetic energy system can produce 3.7 volts and 7.0 amps of DC. This is equivalent to producing 24 watts of energy. This indeed is a small amount of energy, but the point is to scale up the energy from here to meet your household needs or for whatever you want to power.

Care will have to be taken with this system to ensure that it is balanced. If it is unbalanced, the system may not spin freely due to drag that is created. In this system, a wooden or plastic circular plate is suspended from its bearings supported core.

Positive pole magnetic bars are established at the circular edge of the plate, and then followed by more positive magnetic bars in close proximity. The repelling action of these strategically placed bars is what produces the spinning of the plate and generates the energy needed for power.

The Magniwork manual provides instructions on building a magnetic generator specifically for the size and needs of your own individual home. No in-depth technical background is needed and anyone interested in do-it-yourself projects can understand and successfully apply it to their own situations to achieve savings on energy costs.

The Magniwork generator can generate free power for your house and help you save money. It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, so no worries if you find that this does not work out for you as you can get a full refund with no questions asked.


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Magniwork Review