DIY Green Energy For Homes

Ways to Power Your Home With a Magnetic Generator

With concerns over the environment and the ever depleting sources of fossil fuels for powering homes, using a magnetic generator is a perfect green way to back up your home energy needs.

Many homeowners are slowly picking up on this promising source of renewable energy.

You could easily build your own magnetic energy generator with the right tools and parts, just as with many sources of renewable energy.

It is also important to compare the various forms of renewable energy to gauge the suitability of a magnetic generator to power your specific home needs (output depends on magnetic power).

There are a number of benefits to be realized with using magnetic generators: their versatility makes them withstand harsh weather, there are no energy bills associated with them, they are very economical to acquire and maintain and of course, they are 100 percent green.

Magnetic generators produce power using the basic principle of magnetism: like poles repel and unlike poles will attract. Magnetic generators capitalise on this principle to produce energy.

Magnets in these generators are built as circular wheels, which are placed in an ‘identical’ magnetic field, causing them to spin and perpetually rotate. The generator contains devices that produce energy from the resultant force created by the magnetic fields, enabling the generator to produce power perpetually.

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In order to power your home with magnetic energy, you’ve got to know how the generator is set up. Although a DIY zero point magnetic power generator setup is possible, you will want to hire a technician to do it for you, which may set you back just a measly $100-$150.

The generator will normally operate at extremely low rotational speeds. Typically, 420 revolutions per minute will generate 180 watts of alternating current. It is possible to customize a configuration so that the generator can produce substantially higher electricity at higher rotational speeds.

The electricity produced by a magnetic generator can be used to power just about any home appliance, including TV, lighting, computers, kitchen appliances, washing machines and more. In most cases, you will only be able to construct a generator to power about 30 percent of your home energy needs, which goes a long way in cutting your energy bills.

However, if you require more power, you are going to have to build a bigger generator, meaning buying more and bigger parts. Maximum power you can generate can reach up to 7000 watts but a machine of that kind could also attract a higher maintenance bill. A small draw back to the magnetic generator is that it still requires external source of energy to power it up, usually a battery.

You will need to store excess power produced, if any, in a battery. If you are going to save money on your power bills with a magnetic generator, you will have to save all the energy it produces, else you risk not making a net saving on energy.

In the long run, buying a higher capacity battery to store excess power is more cost effective than buying smaller battery additions one at a time. The best setup for your home magnetic generator can only be discovered by you.

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