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Steps to Make a Home Made Magnetic Power Generator

There are a lot of steps on how to make a magnetic power generator. But before we go to that, you need to know what magnetic power generator is.

A magnetic generator is kind of electromechanical device that produces an electric current from the mechanical motion.

There is a coil, which is tightly wrapped in wires, and a series of magnets. These are used to change the magnetic field, called flux, and thus an electromotive current is produced. This current is used for electricity.

There are many factors to consider in learning the steps to make a home made magnetic power generator. The very first thing you need is to know about the basic components of the device, such as the automobile alternator, mechanical drive, a pulley, belt, and mounting plate. The easiest part to locate is the automobile alternator. It is also less expensive for making alternative electricity.

Once you have all the components, you need to mount them on the plate with a reasonable distance to each other. The pulley is located around the pulley, particularly at the end of the alternator shaft. Wrap the belt around the pulley to connect the drive mechanism and to turn the alternator axis. Once it is mounted with proper belt tension, you can now wire the batteries in the alternator.

To use the power of the generator, a standard automotive cigarette lighter housing should be wired to the batteries. Then use any electrical devices and plunge it into the cigarette lighter adapter. It is ideal to install a fusible link between batteries and the device so that you can avoid potential overloads.

By learning the steps to make a home made magnetic power generator, you can sell the excess electricity. Just wire the system to the fuse box and make the generator run. This requires knowledge of an expert electrician for making electrical wiring. But if you can do it yourself, just be more careful.

The free electricity with magnetic generators can help you become a part of the green economy. Nowadays, the environment is full of pollution. If you are concerned about the surroundings, you have to learn the steps to make a home made magnetic power generator. It is not that easy to learn how to make this generator. All you need is to know the manual and you’re ready to make your own generator. But of course, you have to be careful in learning to make this because is kind of difficult.

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