DIY Green Energy For Homes

Make a Free Energy Generator

A free energy generator can provide an efficient resolution to rising demands and rates in home energy usage for households.

With just a small investment, homeowners can learn to make a free energy generator to reduce their dependency on the electricity grid and create annual savings.

A free energy generator mainly speaks of a magnetically induced power source. It was 1977 when the theory of using magnets for power was actually tried and tested.

This source of energy has been proven to produce more energy than is required to operate it. Today, this technology is increasingly being selected as an environmentally friendly alternative for electricity.

The attraction force of magnets is the driving force behind the power of free energy generators. Aligned on opposing sides of the core of the generator, the magnets drive the perpetual motion of a flywheel and results in its continual spinning. This constant motion creates the clean energy needed to create power for the homeowner’s use.

The energy produced is self-sufficient, and therefore, an optimal choice over other renewable energy alternatives. Solar energy is totally dependent on the availability of the sun. The wind source for wind generators is unpredictable and varies greatly.  In contrast, free energy generators are powered by an induced magnetic field which is available at all times.

Free energy generators also have no by-products and are environmentally friendly, making it a desirable option. Toxic fumes, gases, or other emissions are not emitted in to the air.

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Health concerns from its usage are non-existent and it can be used without adverse effects or harm for any family member or pets. Use of this energy source allows environmentally conscious families to reduce their carbon footprint as well as accumulate savings on their energy costs.

Another attractive feature is that it is a green energy source that is safe to use. There is no need to worry about flammability, as it is not combustible. Home owners can feel safe with the generator in the home where elderly or small children are present.

Unlike other renewable energy sources, perpetual motion generators can work in all types of environments. It does not require sun as solar power does. Magnetic generators are resistant and can function in rain, snow, and conditions of extreme heat or cold. Virtually all conditions are compatible with this system.

Free energy generators require little maintenance. No expensive replacement parts are required to keep the system operational. Solar panels and wind generators, on the other hand, require routine maintenance and part replacements over time and this adds to their long-term expense. Once the magnetic generator is functioning, it requires very little of the homeowner’s time or attention. When repairs are needed, the price tag is even less expensive than the low-cost start up.

A technical background is not needed to follow DIY instructions. Tools needed are inexpensive and can be found in local stores. Typical tools are those used to join parts, such as a screwdriver and costs are usually less than $150.

The type or style of home is indifferent and it requires minimal space to operate. Depending on how the generator is built and implemented, as much as 50% to 100% of energy costs can be eliminated for homeowners.

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