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Magnetic Electricity Generator Benefits

The last couple of years have seen an accelerated demand for clean energy, which has prompted more research on this front. While you’ll come across a multitude of options regarding clean energy resources, not all will fit in your budget.

Magnetic generators promise more power output at zero cost (free energy). Besides that, there are ripple benefits to be realised by using a magnetic generator for your home or business power needs.

How it works

A magnetic generator converts mechanical energy into electric energy. The generator’s working is premised on the theory of electromagnetic induction - an electric current flows through a conductor placed in a magnetic field. Basically, the copper coils in the magnet move due to the effect of the moving magnetic field, causing movement of electrons within the copper coils.

The movement of electrons is as a result of pressure applied to them by the magnetic field. The first magnetic generator was called the faraday disc, which consisted of two horseshoe magnets and a copper disc spinning between them. Although it had a number of inefficiencies in power transmission, it managed to generated a small amount of direct current.

Benefits of magnetic electricity generators

The amount of electricity that the earth still holds has greatly reduced over the years. The severity of this situation is beginning to manifest in certain parts of the world, where population growth has led to the increase in energy demand. Along with other renewable sources, magnetic generators hold a firm promise for future power.

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A magnetic generator will help you eliminate over 70 percent of your electricity bills every month. When the generator is powered up and running, it will generate electricity perpetually; well, at least up to 400 years, according to scientists.

A magnetic generator produces enormous amounts of power, more than a typical home would consume. This creates an option to sell off the excess electricity.

Magnetic generators, once powered, will generate electricity on their own without another power source. This virtually eliminates associated third party costs typical with most other energy sources. Wind, solar and geothermal sources require expensive equipment to trap the the energy, which is then converted to electricity.

Magnetic generators are very cheap to install. Although you’ll hardly find an assembled one in hardware store, the parts are easily available. It is easy to set up with freely available manuals.

In this age of green energy, a magnetic generator is the perfect green alternative. There are no toxic pollutants from a magnetic generator. That means that by using a magnetic generator, you’ll contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that the full-scale practical application of magnetic generators is still hindered by a number of factors. For one, large permanent magnets capable of powering a home are very expensive. In case you manage to purchase them, magnets that can perform to the optimal levels have a lot of thermal and structural misgivings.

Since there is extensive interest in magnetic electric generators in terms of research, we can expect more breakthroughs that will allow for the full scale adoption of magnetic generators.

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