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Learn How to Build a Magnetic Power Generator

Do you want to generate your own power? If yes, then this information is for you. More and more people are searching for facts about magnetic generators and how they work, for good reason.

Magnetic generators are the power source for the future. Thus, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the steps of building one, but first, we’ll look at what a magnetic generator is.

What does a magnetic generator do?

We all like to play with magnets. Many people have several in their homes and some are found in the gadgets we carry on a daily basis. However, we simply don’t realize how useful those little pieces of metal can be.

We get two magnets and try to push the opposite pole sides together, they will repel and, you’ll feel the force of the repulsion in your hands. Building a magnetic generator is based on this simple law of physics.

When you create a magnetic field of opposite poles with circular magnets, they will spin continuously. In a magnetic generator, these magnets are used to spin a wheel (turbine), which results in electricity being produced.

The benefits

Magnetic power is extremely clean. There’s no fuel needed to power the generator thus, no dangerous fumes emitted. Apart form reducing your energy bills by up to 50 percent, you will also save money on maintenance.

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Magnetic generators run virtually without any need for maintenance. In addition, magnetic generators do not depend on weather, thus, they can generate electricity in any weather condition.

So, how do you build one?

For some reason, you will not find a fully assembled magnetic power generator at your local hardware store (they are not mass-built). That doesn’t mean that they are hard to build. First though, you need get the gist of all there’s to know about how the generator works and the various components.

A magnetic generator build plan is one great source of that information. Many websites offer these at a fee but with careful searching, you could bump into a freely available plan. Previous knowledge of installing alternative energy sources will definitely be handy when setting up a magnetic generator, but DIY skills could do just as fine.

Typically, installation takes about 4 weeks to complete. All the parts should cost you not more than $100 from a local hardware store. Even if you can’t get all the components in one place, they are readily available from other stores.

The biggest challenge when building a magnetic generator is the size you want to build. Most standard design plans cater to moderately sized homes. If your property is somewhat big and you want to power it entirely with a magnetic generator, then you’re going to have to build a big generator. The best thing always is to first build a smaller generator to get a running, then you could embark on a bigger project.

As we continue to look for alternatives, magnetic generators are definitely a power source for the future. Although mass market production is years away before being realizing, the benefits of a DIY magnetic generator project are worth the hassle.

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