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How to Save Fuel And Energy With Magnets

The powerful magnetic field theory was used to improve fuel burn in combustion engines. It is not a new concept because magnetic fields were used to make fuel combustion processes more efficient in the early 1940’s.

The United States Air Force used magnets on the Mustang aircraft and were able to achieve longer ranges and extract great performance from low quality fuel.

In 1952, Edward Mills and Felix Bloch both received the Noble prize in Physics for their tremendously efficient work on magnetic fields in liquids, gas and solid substances.

Saving fuel has become a very important aspect of modern day life, owing to the ever escalating prices of fuel worldwide. The use of magnet technology for saving fuel is one of the techniques being considered as key factors to a fuel saving strategy.

There are many ways in which magnets are used to save energy and fuel. Lets look at some methods below. To start with, you will need to attach a magnetic device to the fuel lead tube of your burner - generally, this fuel saving method uses magnets around the fuel line, and there are several devices that accomplish this, such as FuelSaverPro, MaxPower, FuelMax, among others. Magnets are particularly useful in bigger fuel combustion because large amounts of energy can be produced with less fuel consumed.

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Liquefied petrol gas is also used for the central heating. Many people opt for a new boiler when the one in use becomes old. However, you can increase the old boiler’s efficiency with the use of magnets.

If you use magnets in fuel combustion then, your boiler will not be over worked, and it will also last longer. Creating energy in a chemical reaction is just perfect with an old boiler but magnets should be used with it. You will certainly get better results as far as fuel economy is concerned by fastening a magnet on your old boiler. On top of saving fuel, you’ll save on the money for a new boiler.

There are a number of car owners who are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their car engines. You  will be surprised what a huge difference a simple magnetic device creates. Magnets have been shown to reduce the net emissions from your car, and in so doing, save fuel. The whole point in maximising fuel saving in your car is about making the fuel combustion process as efficient as possible, thus, affording more mileage with less fuel.

There are several techniques that are used to make the fuel combustion process efficient; using magnetic devices is one of the best techniques. A number of automobile manufacturers are investing a lot in the improvement of this technique and designing more fuel efficient engines based on magnetic properties.

People spend a lot of time trying to find the best methods that they can use to save on fuel, when in fact, the solutions are simple every day tools. Simple, magnetic devices play a vital role in making the fuel combustion procedure less energy intensive, and they are being used worldwide to economise of fuel usage.

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