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What is a Magnetic Energy Generator?

Alternative sources of energy have been sought after for quite a long time now. Considering the damage that gas and oil sources have brought on to the environment, it is no wonder that any seemingly viable solution is explored.

Currently, there’s much interest in magnetic generators, although not so much is known about their practical application.

A magnetic generator is an energy producing machine powered by the use of magnets. This device produces electricity that can be substituted for gas or fuel producing electric devices.

What is seems to be amazing about a magnetic generator is that it can produce power perpetually, as long as the magnet retain their power. Still, there is a lot of scepticisms surrounding the real applicability of a magnetic generator.

Magnetic generators are pretty easy to build and, it’s no wonder that anyone can set up one with minimal resources. The process is simple as long as you understand how the generator works. The attribute of magnets plays a huge role in harnessing this power - due to their positive and negative polarity (north and south poles), they can either draw or repel objects, a property made use of in the magnetic generator.

This polarity can create a magnetic field powerful enough to turn a cogwheel or flywheel. The mechanism of power generation is almost similar to a wind turbine, where it is connected to the cogwheel using a gearing device that will enable it rotate, thus generating electricity.

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To store the electricity for use when necessary, batteries are essential. Not only does the magnetic generator last forever, you can easily build your own free energy generator by purchasing the required components from an electric store. Imagine creating a device that can produce power perpetually!

Magnets are self sufficient and necessitate no form of assistance to generate this power. Compared to solar energy that requires sunlight and wind power that requires wind to produce electricity, it is obvious that this form of energy will bring about a major transformation. Notable too is the fact that this generator is not affected by weather conditions and as such, it can run continuously without interruptions or shortage.

Magnetic generators can be used in the homes or at business premises. Since they are capable of generating enormous amounts of power (at least theoretically), it is possible to switch your home power source entirely to magnetic electricity. Though they may not run a factory, normal power requirements will be comfortably met using a magnetic generator.

Additionally, these generators are environmentally friendly, thus they bring no harm to nature. Considering that the components used to build a magnetic generator are non toxic and, there is no gasoline used to power the generator, you do not have to worry about greenhouse emissions.

Another noteworthy point is that magnetic generators come in different designs. You may opt to create your own design, or you can purchase from existing designs, depending on your needs and preferences. Many energy companies are looking into this alternate form of energy and there are those already utilizing it. Having said that, there are still a number of limitations to the practical application of magnetic generators on a large scale.

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