DIY Green Energy For Homes

Generating Free Electricity With Magnetic Generators

While the sun and wind are currently being explored as select alternative energy sources for power, these sources of renewable energy can prove to be the more expensive options for the average homeowner.

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, generating free electricity with magnetic generators is becoming the most optimal and cost efficient way for even small households to potentially reduce their dependency on electricity and reduce their energy costs up to as much as 100%.

Generating free electricity can be achieved with magnetically powered generators. For energy output, these devices use magnetic forces to create a perpetual motion used to generate free energy that can run indefinitely.

With a magnetic generator, the force produced by magnets is used to continue the spin of the main shaft of the generator. This shaft is typically a common rotor or flywheel that is used at the core.  The charged magnets are designed to align and operate from the sides of the generator. 

As the core increases in speed, the opposite attraction of the charged magnets creates continuous energy that can be tapped and used to achieve an alternate green power source in the home. This usage decreases the dependency on the grid and results in increased energy cost savings, sometimes as much as 100%.

The great thing about generating free electricity with magnetic generators is that any home owner can build a system simply by using common household tools, or items that can be found in a local home improvement store. If successfully built, magnetic generators can have a lifespan of 400 years or more and accumulate years of long-term cost savings.

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Unlike natural energy sources such as gas or other fuels, magnetic generators are environmentally friendly and allow families to reduce their carbon footprint. Harmful fumes or gases are not emitted into the air to reduce clean air quality. In generating free electricity, there are no air pollutants, waste, or toxic by-products of which to contain or properly dispose. Magnetic generators provide a totally clean and clear energy source.

In comparison to solar or wind power sources, magnetic generators are the most cost efficient option of the group. They cost very little to build and if enough power can be generated to power an entire home, electricity costs can be reduced or totally eliminated.

This results in the highest return in savings and value for the homeowner. Significantly more wattage of power can be produced over other alternative energy sources. Magnetic generators can be made to generate as much as 7000 wattage of power, causing dependency on the electric grid to be unnecessary.

Unlike solar, wind, or water, magnetic generators require no external fuel source to operate and are not dependent upon and outside source for power. In the case of solar power, the sun is not always available and therefore this option is limited in the amount of replacement energy it can provide. With a free energy magnetic generator, the energy is perpetual and more reliant than other sources.

The amount of energy produced is dependent on the size of the generator. Even savings of 10% can add up to a generous amount of savings over a lifetime.

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