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Cut Your Utility Bill With Your Own Magnetic Generator

Do you know how much you shell out from your pocket for the electricity charges every year? With rise in costs, the power companies also hike their rate.

The power used by power generating companies not only is expensive on the long run but also affects the environment. Electricity generated by power generating companies is usually through conventional channels and experts around the world believe this to be the most significant cause of global warming.

As responsible and accountable citizens, it would be unfair to deliberately cause harm to the surroundings. Why not look for other sources of power generation that are eco-friendly?  Eco-friendly ways of generating power will not just serve the purpose but also help in preserving the environment and maintaining an ecological balance.

The power that has to be generated by ecological means is definitely a better option. There is a lot of free energy out there like the wind energy, the solar energy, the hydraulic energy and the magnetic energy. All these can be harnessed to generate power.

If you apply the laws of physics, it is easy to create your own power generators. It is definitely simple to cut your utility bill with your own DIY magnetic generator. You can easily make your own magnetic generator in no time. All you need to do is to gather all the things required and assemble them correctly.

Another thing that you should bear in mind while you want to cut your utility bill with your own magnetic generator is to first gather all the things that are needed so that you are conveniently placed. A magnetic generator can be used even on non-windy days and days when there is no bright sunlight.

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Using wind energy and solar energy can be quite expensive as the initial investment is much higher. The best alternative to getting electricity from power companies is the use of a magnetic generator. These generators make use of non polluting magnetic forces to produce energy.

Magnetic conductors are easy to build and do not require any prior experience, technical know-how or expertise. Also, there is no noise made by the generator and above all, it is eco friendly as no by products are released.

It makes us less dependent on fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, diesel, oil, etc. The materials that go into making a magnetic generator are readily available in the market and can be easily obtained in general stores near you. On top of that, these generators do not even occupy a lot of space in the household.

A magnetic generator is a device through which energy is produced making use of the properties of a magnet to get a motor running. Two magnets placed opposite each other help in creating friction.  This friction then helps the motor in producing electrical energy. A third magnet helps in maintaining the force produced by the two magnets.

Magnetic generators are economical ways to turn magnetic energy into electrical energy. The power generated by a magnetic generator is typically around 7,000 watts. This is enough to provide an entire household with power.

That being said, why don’t you opt to adopt this concept to cut your utility bill with your own magnetic generator? That way, you will end up saving the environment greatly.

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