DIY Green Energy For Homes

Learn to Generate Your Own Electricity

As energy costs continue to soar, today’s economy forces many home and business owners to look into other alternatives for cheaper sources.

Many are considering getting off the grid and producing their own sources of energy for usage.

Although it may take research time, you can learn to generate your own electricity and become independent of the major power companies in order to supply your home or business with power.

Continuing to rely on power companies for conventional energy is draining the pockets of many consumers. Every day, more and more DIY projects for alternate energy sources are popping up for you to generate your own electricity and they look very promising, especially to consumers in remote areas.

Not only do they have the possibility of reducing costs through a more energy efficient home, but allow the consumer to contribute to promoting a cleaner environment through less pollutant from their power source.

Some of the renewable energy technologies being considered to generate your own electricity are solar, wind, magnetic, and hybrids of these systems. Unlike conventional energy sources, solar and wind are available in ample amounts. The current energy sources from power companies today are not renewable and will be depleted in the near future.

This will cause further increase in prices as supplies diminish, and no way to power homes or businesses when they are finally depleted. Learning to create your own electricity from the sun and wind can be considered as the most effective and efficient alternatives because of their natural availability.

To generate your own power, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate your current electricity load to determine which of the alternative energy systems can meet your needs at a reasonable start up cost.

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You will also need to investigate installation options of renewable energy sources to determine whether you can do it yourself, or whether you will have to expend extra funds to have it professionally installed.

One popular option for an efficient renewable energy source is solar power. With the sun being a strong source of energy, it can provide a great deal of electrical power with very little required maintenance.

They are especially a great alternative for homeowners in remote environments where electrical lines are minimal. Solar energy obtains power from direct and indirect sunlight and transforms the light into energy which is used to power appliances, devices, or homes.

The only possible disadvantage is possible start up cost to power an entire home and the variance of solar exposure and time. But with a startup cost of $200 or less for partial energy, it can be a cost effective solution and a plus in being a non-pollutant energy source.

Another popular alternative is wind. If you live in an environment that is highly conducive to high winds, this can be a cost effective power source solution for you. Startup costs and be $100 or less for a homemade windmill or wind turbine. The energy produced can be used to power small electronic devices or larger water pumps.

Just as it is with solar panels, windmills produce no by-products of toxins or other pollutants, thereby making it an environmentally friendly alternative. The downfalls can be the unpredictability in a breeze and the presence of moving parts. Moving parts translate into higher replacement and maintenance costs over time.

Generating your own electricity is not difficult. With a little research and investigation, you can reduce your dependency on power companies and save on energy costs.

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I would recommend you take advantage of the many grants, low interest loans and tax credits available for implementation of renewable energy technology.

You can build your own solar water heater with no fuss using this guide: