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How to Recycle And Compost Your Trash

Do you have any idea the damage your trash is doing to the environment?

On an average day we produce 4.6lb of trash and that's a lot, imagine how much that equates to every year.

The worst thing is, most of this trash doesn't get composted or recycled and just ends up at landfill.

The terrible thing about landfills is that they add nasty chemicals to our water and take up lots of space.

The biggest environmental damage landfills cause are the emissions generated contributing to global warming - currently a heavily debated topic worldwide.

By just making a small change and recycling and composting your trash, you will be making a concerted effort to do good for our environment and creating a green kitchen at the same time.

If you recycle and compost, you can cut down the amount of rubbish you have and what you are contributing to landfill as well. It's really easy to learn how to recycle and compost and you can start today.

To begin with it's a good idea for you to look in your yellow pages, call a trash pickup company and ask if a free recycling bin is available for you. If luck is on your side you may be able to get a free compost bin as well.

To begin recycling, all you need to do is find a place to put all your empty plastic, aluminium and glass containers. Make sure you rinse these empty containers out before recycling if they have any food scraps or residues in them though.

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The thing about recycling is that it needs to be something that you train yourself to do. Every time you think about throwing a coke can into the rubbish, put it in the recycling bin instead. In no time at all you will be converted to recycling and it will become second nature to you and you will never look back.

There are compost bins that you can purchase from your gardening or hardware store and start using immediately, otherwise you can construct a simple one yourself. The choice is yours. But to save money I recommend you construct one yourself.

To make a compost bin you need to find a 3-ft x 3-ft area on your property away from direct sunlight (if possible). Once you have chosen a compost area to carry your scraps to, you are half way there.

A compost bin can be made out of everything and anything, the only thing that is important is that the area is enclosed and that air and soil can get in. Now you can start filling up your compost bin.

First of all fill it up with grass, branches and leaves from your yard and then the food scraps you have collected (make sure they are non dairy and non meat food scraps). If you think about it, it's most of the food scraps you have including coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings, eggs shells, rice, breads.

The thing about compost is that it needs to be damp, and if you don't get rain you may find that you need to water your compost heap occasionally. You need to mix up the pile at least once a month, and eventually your compost will decompose and turn into a dark brown soil.

It may be hard to believe but in time there will be no evidence of the so called "scraps" and you will have your very own compost to sprinkle on the garden. In this way, you could be growing your own vegetable garden and reusing resources in a greener manner.

For a great guide that will teach you all about compost and much more, take a look at what 1 Stop Gardening has to offer:

You have the power to make a difference to the environment so why don't you? Choose to recycle and compost today!