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How to Make a Solar Water Heater

For generations, we have been marveled by the awesome power of the sun. We know that without the sun life as we know it won’t exist. The sun has been a symbol of hope that a new day has come and each day is a brand new day in our lives.

Solar energy is basically one of the safest and cleanest renewable energy that there is. We need the energy of the sun through its rays and heat but we can’t store that energy and we can’t tap into its power and use it.

For centuries we have developed ways for us to harness the power of the sun and through our technology we have created ways for us to make use the suns energy and thus the solar water heater was made. It is easy to know how to make a solar water heater.

All you need is to get the right instructions. If you don’t have one, then you should consider surfing on the internet. There are a lot of websites that offer instructions on how to make DIY water heater. So if you browse online, you’ll never run out of tutorials.

How to make a solar water heater

The first thing you need is to know about your needs for water. If you are going to use a lot of water, then you should make a big water heater tank to give your needs. But if you don’t need much, then you should consider having small tanks.

Once you have already determined the size of the tank, the next thing you need is to attach plumbing fittings and pipes to the bottom of the tank. These will carry the water from the tank to your house, going to your water heater. You should also connect another set of pipes to the top of the solar water heater. This will run the water into the heater and going to the house.

The last thing you need is to put insulation around the hot water pipes to avoid freezing the water. You can use insulation foam to wrap the fiber glass around the pipes. Then, cover the box with window glass or clear plastic. With this, you can store the heat within the tank.

You don’t need to apply pump in learning how to make a solar water heater. The system doesn’t need a pump because it will only cause the water to flow from the heater.

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