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How to Fix Dripping Taps And Save

Did you know that a dripping tap either inside or outside, for hot or cold water will add significantly to your utility bills in a year?

Just one garden tap that is leaking can waste over 500 gallons in one year and yet some simple maintenance can avoid this.

Considering outside cold water taps first, a walk around your property will quickly identify the scale of the problems you face.

In most cases an extra tightening will stop the leak immediately but you may need to cut off the water supply for a short time and replace the seals in the tap.

In other situations the thread of the tap may be so worn that a whole new water saving fitting needs to be installed. When you turn the water back on, adjust the pressure to exactly what you require as this will put less strain on the tap and piping. Just consider also that the tap may not be the only part of your water reticulation system that is leaking.

Old pipes that are underground can be damaged by subsidence, heavy trucks passing over them, and tree roots that create leaks as well. Before you engage a plumber with optic cables to check the inside of your pipes you can see where likely leaks are by excessive greening above them in your garden.

You may not need to dig up the whole lawn or damage concrete driveways to get these fixed, as a new smaller gauge pipe may be slipped inside the old pipe to carry your water to the taps. An inside dripping tap or shower head will be a bigger problem if it is hot water that is escaping.

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Continually having to heat gallons of water in your home can add hundreds of dollars to your electricity bill as well as that demand from your water utility company. It may be that the tap seals need replacing, but minerals in some water systems can corrode your whole plumbing network and mean an expensive replacement.

You may take the opportunity to replace old fittings with more energy efficient ones that will save you enough to payback the cost of a new system in a matter of months. For most of this home maintenance your own DIY skills will be sufficient to get the job done. Plumbers are expensive, but a word of caution when replacing piping carrying hot water or taps...

Some seals have to be properly welded to validate your home insurance cover, so a plumber may be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Taps that are poorly connected to dish and clothes washing machines will not only waste water but can cost you extra time in the cycles that you commonly use.

A clothes washer that doesn't supply sufficient water can cause a build up of detergent that seriously affects the performance of the machine.If nothing else, it will use more electricity if inefficient. To repair this may require replacement of the hose clips that join the tap to your machine inlets.

Dripping taps over basins and showers will annoy at first, and will ultimately result in staining to your smart bathroom fittings.

Keep the seals and washers, especially on hot water faucets, tight and in good condition to avoid the cost of wasted hot water and resurfacing of those fittings. Regular checks both inside and outside will prevent major leaks developing and serious damage resulting.

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The savings that can be made are substantial, but perhaps even more important is to avoid wasting the precious resource we often take for granted, water at the turn of a tap.

You can also save money by building your own solar water heater using this easy guide:

Happy Savings!