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Reduce Energy Bills From Heating Water

There’s a lot of interest geared toward solar energy as an alternative power source. Solar energy is generally found everywhere, albeit in varying degrees.

Technologies have been developed to enable the use of solar powered water heaters, space heaters, as well as pool heaters.

Solar powered systems have improved in efficiency and reliability, making more homeowners solar to reduce on utility bills.

Hot water heaters are known to contribute a large chunk of the monthly energy bill because huge amounts of power or gas are needed to heat the water. Thus, solar water heating systems - which are now readily and widely available - can help you slash your bill by eliminating the energy costs for heating water.

How they work

A solar water heating system consists of solar panels mounted on a roof (collectors), which collect the sun’s heat energy and convert it to electricity that heats up the water in tank. The tank is insulated for efficiency.

An immersion heater is sometimes used to further heat the water to the required temperature. Two types of heating panels are often used - flat plate collectors, which can either be integrated within the roof on fixed on top, and evacuated tubes.

If you’re heating your home with solar as well, then larger panels have to be mounted. It’s worth noting that heating a home with solar power should be complemented with another heating power source because the amount of heat generated is generally very low.

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Reducing your utility bill

The amount you can save with a solar heating system depends on the size of the system you install and your total energy consumption. The fact is that you might still use power supplied by the utility company but a reduced-price rate tier.

When you use a sound solar contractor, they will design a system that is optimal to your power usage and they will be able to evaluate a suitable rate structure for the remainder of your energy needs.

You can reduce your utility bill by selling excess electricity to the utility company. Many utility companies have arrangements where they pay or credit your meter for excess electricity generated. Utility rates spike during ‘peak hours’, which is usually during the middle of the day.

This is just about the same time that your system will produce more electricity owing to stronger sunlight during the middle of the day. This works to your advantage, and you can buy the power back during ‘off-peak’ hours at night - this is known as net metering.

Solar parts are generally ‘stationary‘, so there’s very little need for ongoing maintenance. Besides, many companies that sell solar products offer generous warranties, such that over the long term, you will have saved a lot on maintenance and running costs, while your energy bill remained low during that time.

With a solar heating system, you will shield your self from the ever escalating energy prices. Fossil sources, such as oil, coal, natural gas, are exposed to the volatility of foreign markets, making them vulnerable. Since most utility companies depend on fossil fuels, the consumer becomes the ultimate victim of price volatility. With solar power, your costs remain low and predictable over many years, and your savings will keep growing.

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