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Greenwashing - Deceptive Green Homes Advertising

Is there a way you can tell that a home is green? If you’ve been browsing through real estate websites of late, you must have noticed the sheer amount of verbiage that some of these real estate agents and home sellers use.

What you might not have realized is that much of it is generally disingenuous green marketing aimed at making a potential client believe a home is green when indeed it is not.

This deceptive practice is what is known as greenwashing in the environmental business.  


For most people however, it is easy to fall for greenwashing because they have no way of determining whether a home is really green. The first thing you can do to avoid being ‘greenwashed’ into making a decision to buy is to familiarize yourself with green terminology that might be used to give descriptions of a certain property. You need to pay particular attention to words like solar, environmental, eco-friendly, stewardship, and healthful environment.

You need to inquire what the meaning of those words is. There are ads, for instance, where a home is referred to as ‘solar’, when in fact, it is a southward facing wall that makes the home green according to the seller’s thinking.

The importance of a southern direction is that when a house is built facing south, it receives a lot of sun during day. However, a south facing wall doesn’t in anyway qualify a house as green. In any case, most homes, if not all, have a wall facing south.

Sometimes, it may just be that the home had compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) and nothing else closer to green. While an energy-efficient bulb goes some way to conserve energy, it doesn’t make a home green.

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These small ways are certainly good gestures to the environmental cause but there are homes for sale that are built with impeccable green ideas that make heads turn beyond a mere fluorescent bulb.

You too can help create a green home

Anyone and everyone who cares can help to make a green living environment. There are several innovative building concepts we can adopt that will make a fast and huge impact on the environment, in relation to how we live, our home surroundings and how we build them are.

The things we do on a daily basis that are seemingly small have a profound effect on global warming, for instance, the indoor air, the toilets we flush daily and the utility bills we pay.

Because our actions directly affect the environment, we, in turn, have to take care of our own health and well being.  There are a number of new technologies we can use to achieve green, sustainable homes that can have immediate positive effects, not years later.

Simple ways to make your home green

• Use thermal solar to heat most of your domestic water.

• Recycle your gray water (from the shower and sink) and re-channel it to flash the toilet.

• Use passive solar design for new structures such that they maximize natural heating and cooling effects of the sun.

• Use recycled materials and innovative methods to build structures.

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