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In today’s world, doing your part to help conserve the environment is important regardless of where you live.

As there is more and more pollution being introduced into our environment through industrial developments and higher standards of living, we need to conserve Mother Earth for our future generation.

Besides actively recycling, using energy efficient products and appliances, green homes is fast becoming a common means to conserve the environment.

Learning how to be green at home not only enables you to do your part for the environment but also offers you some long term benefits. Green homes help you save energy and waste less resources. This translates to huge cash savings over time. Not only would your wallet be fatter with money saved from utilities bills, you can also take pride in knowing that you had helped conserve Earth’s resources in your actions.

Do you know that environmentally friendly homes utilizes recycled materials during the construction process? This helps keeps the amount of waste at a minimum and also offers you long term benefits since green homes usually use less energy to maintain.

With that being said, it is obvious that the trends of the world would be heading towards green homes in time to come. Apart from saving you money and in saving the world, the valuation properties of a home are also enhanced if it is green.

No matter which part of the world you are, where you live or what your do, you can always make the difference to our world today. Check out the articles below for more details on living a green lifestyle and how you can start being green at home. 

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Green Homes Improvements | Building a Green Home | How to Go Green at Home:


  1. Green Family Projects - Compost
    When we think about 'saving the planet' it seems that as individuals there is little we can do that has much of an impact.
  2. Should You Reuse Water? The Greywater
    Should you reuse water? The tough questions are answered here: First of all, water is a precious resource and any attempt to recycle and conserve should be a no-brainer.
  3. The Pros and Cons of Structural Insulated Panels
    If you want to get fit for golf but have not been too active lately, this newsletter is for you! We've created a simple fitness plan to help get you into tip-top shape.
  4. Ways to Save Trees
    The forests of the world are reducing at alarming rates for those of us concerned about increases in global temperatures and the loss of unique habitats for plants and animals.
  5. Ceiling Fans And Roof Turbines
    The amazing thing is that roof turbines have been around for decades and yet their benefits are only becoming recognized in recent years.
  6. 3 Green Home Projects You Can Do When Building New Homes
    There are plenty of green projects you can do when building a new home to help use water, energy, and natural resources in a new and efficient environmentally friendly way.
  7. Time To Get Outside And Get Rid of Hidden Air Leaks
    Have you taken stock of the exterior of your home recently? You may be surprised and even shocked to find what you thought was a well sealed structure has developed cracks and gaps, even if the home is new.
  8. How to Make Big Appliances More Efficient
    Once you have chosen your household appliances for their best energy efficient ratings there are many steps you can take to ensure that you maximize the savings in every room in the house.
  9. Tips to Make Your Home Energy Smart
    The best advice you can get to make your home energy smart is to take a walk around, inside and out and take stock of areas you can improve in.
  10. Ways to Green Up Your Home
    Well the best thing to do would be plant a garden and put in a few fruit and nut trees if you have the space in the yard, but there are many approaches you can take to being truly green.
  11. Energy Wasting Water And How to Minimize the Problem
    Reducing the demand for water is one of the big environmental challenges and yet until restrictions in supply hit us, little thought is given on practical steps towards conservation.
  12. Cut Down on Energy Bills by Keeping Equipment Running Efficiently
    Is your equipment running efficiently? In every use of an appliance there are settings that can make the difference between using energy wisely, and wasting it needlessly.
  13. Electricity.....How to Use Less
    Do you want lower utility bills? When it comes to looking at ways that you can save money in the household budget, the utility bill for power is one area that can show great dividends.
  14. Concept of Eco Toilets for the Home
    This idea of saving the water or perhaps controlling the wastage of water in our bathrooms and toilets has given rise to a whole new concept of eco toilets for the home.
  15. Greenwashing - Deceptive Green Homes Advertising
    Is there a way you can tell that a home is green? If you’ve been browsing through real estate websites of late, you must have noticed the sheer amount of verbiage that some of these real estate agents and home sellers use.
  16. Reasons for Building a Green Home
    The effects of greenhouse emissions have led to the emergence of a huge movement of environmentalists around the world trying to devise ways to slow down the degradation of the planet; otherwise, our future increasingly looks bleak if the damage is not curbed.
  17. How The Greenhouses Work
    It’s amazing what a greenhouse can do to growing plants. It allows plants to grow larger and stronger than they would when not covered. So how does a greenhouse accomplish that?

Green Homes Improvements | Building a Green Home | How to Go Green at Home