DIY Green Energy For Homes

Green Home Projects

There are literally hundreds of green projects you can do to make your home more comfortable. Here are a few: 

The exterior of your home can be adapted to operate as a more efficient barrier against the worst of extreme weathers, and to provide food crops and shade in an effort to be greener in your approach to life.

One dramatic but effective project is to replace your existing roof with a garden.

Not only will this make your home blend naturally into the landscape, but it will give you insulation that will make the home easier to heat in winter and naturally cooler in the heat of summer.

Add a few shade trees instead of concrete to your yard and a vegetable garden for fresh produce when you need it and you will feel like you are living in a green oasis. This green gardening oasis may also encourage other wildlife to make your home theirs, with birdsong and butterflies adding to the appeal.

Start collecting rainwater from roofs and you will have water to keep these outdoor efforts green even in the summer droughts, and a home that is the envy of neighbors without the extra cost on your utility bill.

When you carry this approach to the interior of the house you can alter the feel of the home here too. A roof turbine will help cool your house in summer and in winter keep it dryer and easier to heat.

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Small projects such as replacing the old lighting with energy saving light bulbs may save you money but also create softer light at night.

A determined effort to cut leaky doors and windows will not only save you costly heating bills but make your surroundings cosier. Double glazed windows will mean less heating energy needed and allow a view of that garden vista without the need for drawn curtains all day in winter.

If your walls have no insulation you can add material into the cavity or use natural products to line the wall and alter the appearance of the room at the same time.

Replace furniture with wooden tables made from recycled timbers for a new look, and if you have DIY woodworking skills there are countless projects extending beyond furniture to alter the interior of your home.

If you want to conserve energy and perhaps even supply your own, a solar generating power system or windmill generator are project you can take on yourself, and will certainly change the exterior of the house. These needn't cost you the earth or be ugly, as small and unobtrusive systems will still give you power for free in a few days of construction.

Many of the family green projects at home will have results that won't be apparent to the naked eye but a warmer, dryer house will also be healthier to live in as well.When you introduce a recycling system into the operation of the home it needn't be because you are trying to impress the neighbors.

The facts that you feel better for doing it, and the planet will benefit, are non visual but valid reasons for starting the project, and many of the things you do that are green will only be seen by your family.

It is possible that the example you set will be seen by others and followed so the only change you may see is in the efforts of those around you to make the changes and savings that have worked for you.

Making a real difference to your home may only give you a warm glow in setting such an example, but it is still a very valid outcome and worth the effort.

A fun and easy task that you could get your whole family involved in is creating your own organic garden. Use this easy to follow guide: