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Green DIY Energy Review 

green DIY energy reviewThe Green DIY Energy guide is a step by step instructional manual renewable energy alternatives. It is a do-it-yourself manual showing how you can set up two main types of renewable energy installations – solar and wind.

The Green DIY Energy is a guide that starts with a comprehensive home audit. If you live in an area with good sun coverage, the roof solar panel installation would be the right one for you.

For one who lives on hilly area whereby strong wind is experienced, it is better to use a domestic wind turbine. Find out more about this course by reading our review of Green DIY Energy.

So, What's inside the Green DIY Energy course?

Like any other source of energy, renewable energy both merits and demerits which are clearly stated in the manual. Basically, there are three main parts of the Green DIY Energy guide, which include the introduction, a detailed instructional manual, and the solar energy bundle.

Part one of the manual covers the introductory section that deals with a number of things; how power is produced, how the solar panels function, how free solar panels are found, and the maintenance of your solar panel system.

In the second part you will find a detailed instructional manual which gives the step-by-step procedures of building a solar panel. It starts by highlighting the details of various solar plans, and then it guides you on the materials needed and where you can get them cheaply.

Furthermore in this part there are illustrations in form of photos that guide that demonstrate the steps in pictures on how to assemble the right solar panel system.

The last part of the Green DIY Energy guide is the solar energy bundle, which consists of all other resourceful information. It helps you learn how to hook up multiple solar panels and how to fix it correctly.

It also guides you on how you can be able to store your energy at once with multiple batteries. There is also information regarding basics of PV solar panel installation, how city permits for solar panel installation are obtained, and the formula for calculating costs saved by using solar energy to power your household compared to other sources of energy.

Still in this section, you are also given information on how you can apply for federal tax credits for green energy, as well as the various state and utility incentives for renewable energy.

Conclusion of our review

When you purchase the Green DIY Energy guide from Clickbank, you get a 60-day money back guarantee, which simply means that you can return the guide within 60 days of purchase for a refund in case you have not realized any value addition within that time.

Most people are actually open to alternative energy sources and would be willing to reduce their household energy expenses but due to several limitations, they cannot build these DIY energy projects on their own. The other option is to hire professional companies, which can be quite costly for the initial fees of installing the system.

Thus, manuals like the Green DIY energy guide are really handy for those who cannot afford to hire professional electricians but would like to set up renewable energy sources. We highly recommend you take a look at this option if you are one of those people interested in a DIY project.

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