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Energy from the Phone – What You Need to Know About It

When it comes to energy usage, many people are looking for ways to become more conservative to cut costs, or ways to find more cost efficient energy alternatives at home.

Home and business owners are looking into renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy to allow them to lower their power usage and dependency on conventional energy.

But what most people may not realize is that they have an available source of energy within their home that is free energy.

Most of us do not realize that the phone lines that allow our landline phones to function also provide a free source of energy. With increased technology of cell phones and wireless systems for things such as home security systems, home phone landlines go virtually unused.

These sources can provide a home or business owner with anywhere from 40 to 70 volts of free energy. And this energy is available in homes 24 hours each day. Large telephone companies will typically have a constant source of DC power. Their large storage battery banks are backed up by generators and supply anywhere from 23mA to 80mA of DC current in every home.

This is enough to provide energy for low-powered gadgets and devices in the home, such as charging a cell phone, a small lamp, or powering grooming equipment. Ever notice that during a power outage, you are still able to pick up or phone and dial out and receiving incoming calls?

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This is because the phone line provides a separate source of energy than from your power company. And the phone landline energy source can also be used for emergency usage in the case of a power outage. And there is no interference for the phone while simultaneously using it as a power source. Your home phone can continue to be used in the meantime.

To determine the amount of energy in your home phone line, you can test it with a multi-meter. The amount measured through your phone line may vary, as different phone providers globally have different specifications.

But typically, a phone line source can provide an average voltage of 48 and 20mA current. Even more promising is the fact that if you have more than one phone line, you have just that much more additional untapped energy available in your phone lines.

The insight behind the energy source resides in the two power lines available. The higher the resistance in one wire and the lower the resistance in the other, the greater the amount of energy produced by the phone one.

Using the maximum can cause the phone to receive a busy signal, so you will have to find the right resistance values the get a supply of energy and keep the landline available for phone usage.

With parts for this energy conversion totaling to $10 or less, this can be a worthwhile investment to power small devices or use as a backup source of energy in a power outage. DIY products are also available to convert the DC energy from your phone jacks to a usable voltage to source personal items.

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