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Eco-friendly Car Washing Solutions

With the buzz word being 'save water, save earth', many car wash manufacturers are coming up with equipments and products that help their customers do their bit for the safety of the environment.

Eco-friendly car washing solutions is one great alternative.

Some car owners are of the opinion that washing the car at home can help save energy and water. On the contrary, car washing at home can be more harmful to the earth’s natural resources.

This is because when a car is washed at home, more water is used as the hose pipe is left running. The water from the washing and rinsing flows from the driveway into the storm drains. This contaminated water contains grease, oil, soot and other harmful things from the exhaust pipes.

In some cases, the water may also contain chemical detergents that are used as cleaning agents for the car wash. The storm drains that receive all the contaminated water due to car washing are usually connected to the rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

This means the dirty water that is released in to the drains can cause harm to the marine life and the other dependent wild life. Indiscriminate washing of cars at home should be penalized by local government bodies as this causes imbalance to the ecological system. On the other hand, professional car washes with proper waste water treatments could be a wiser option.

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There may be instances when it becomes necessary to wash the car at home. This may be due to an emergency like having to attend an unplanned event. If it is necessary to wash the car at home then it is recommended to use a liquid soap that contains no phosphates or synthetic fragrances.

Using the eco-friendly car washing aids is also highly advisable. Also, washing your car in the lawn is a good idea as the water gets absorbed by the grass. The use of an eco-friendly washing agent causes no harm to the grass either. You can use old towels, t-shirts or switch to sponges to wipe away the water.

Most importantly, turn off the hose pipe when washing the car and quickly rinse the car. Saving water is critical to the well-being of the environment.

Going in for a commercial car wash is always a better option as the water used is re-cycled and re-used. It is mandatory for every car wash facility to make sure that the contaminated water is treated before it is drained off into the natural waterways.

Computer controlled systems, nozzles and hose pipes which can endure high pressure are used to reduce wastage of water. The technological advancements have given rise to 'dry waterless car wash' – a method that helps preserve water and also save time. This concept is extensively used in Middle Eastern countries, Australia, New Zealand including the United Kingdom where there are a lot of restrictions on water usage.

The products used for this dry car wash are non-toxic, help minimize the usage of water and are biodegradable. There is no use of any harsh and harmful detergents instead only plant extracts are used.

So let’s do our bit for the environment by going in for eco-friendly car washing solutions.

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