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Eco – comes from the word ecology, which is the relationship between plants and animals in their natural environment. The symbiotic relationship between plants and animals is what is termed as an ecosystem.

Over the last decade, there have been a lot of innovations in the industrial sector aimed at curbing the negative environmental effects that have resulted from increased industrialization.

Measures include adopting raw materials that are more eco-friendly. It also means producing finished goods that are eco-friendly.

There’s no doubt that the growth of industries provided us with convenience, but it also led to the irreversible distortion of the planet’s ecosystems. Greenhouse emissions have led to global warming, effectively altering the way ecosystems self-sustain.

Fortunately, it is not too late for planet earth. Currently, there’s more awareness about the environment than ever before. As the negative effects of industrialization become more apparent, people have started adopting more eco-friendly practices where there is an alternative.

Some of the eco-friendly practices include using more eco-friendly products, such as: solar powered appliances, bio-fuels, highly recyclable products, and less toxic substances. Solar powered products use solar cells to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy.

Alternatively, photovoltaic cells can be used to generate solar energy used for powering a home. Solar is extremely clean and sustainable and it is the natural source of energy in an ecosystem.

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Bio-fuels, also known as green energy, are another type of eco-friendly energy source. Examples of bio-fuels are ethanol and gasohol, which are produced by mixing ethanol and petrol together. These fuels are better than using petroleum products such as petrol, kerosene and diesel.

Recyclable products are also eco-friendly. These products can be re-used over and over again, and on top of that they are bio degradable, meaning that they can decay on their own if for one reason or another they are poorly disposed. Basically, they are organic and therefore less harmful to the environment. Less toxic substances are also eco friendly.

Toxins are released in the environment by means of exhaust smoke and other emissions from factories. Some of these toxins are chlorofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, living organisms become exposed to harmful ultra-violet radiations from the sun. These radiations are harmful and may cause cancer.

Pesticides and insecticides that are bio degradable are also eco-friendly. This is in the sense that they do not contain harmful toxins that may endanger the lives of the users of the product as well as the soil on which they are used. Genetically modified organisms are also eco-friendly provided that they are not harmful to the lives of people and animals using them.

The world population is working round the clock to ensure that the lives of plants and animals are safer for both current and future generation.  As a result, more of these eco friendly products are being invented to meet the high demand of the world’s profusely growing population.

As for now, we seem to be in the right direction as far as adopting eco-friendly products and minimizing environmental degradation is concerned.

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